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5 Rules of Weighing Yourself and When to Ditch the Scale

The weight loss journey is daunting, and weighing on the scales can be depressing and shattering. Being on a strict diet and fitting a strict exercise regime in your over-packed schedule instills a positive hope in your mind that now the weighing machine will be your best friend. However, it becomes a myth, and the weighing scale continues to cause distress for, at times, it would not show the reduced numbers.

However, the golden rule of reducing weight is that never trusts the scales or let it define you. Scales and numbers are nothing but the relationship between weight and gravity. Therefore, it is more of understanding the science of weight loss, mass, and gravity. Weighing and being healthy are two different things, and both cannot be measured accurately or even correlated for that matter. The matter where it gets worse is that relying on scales for results and feeling healthy are connected it gets a bad reputation.

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To weigh accurately, certain points need to be kept in mind. It is no rocket science but being exact and careful will help you to have a positive relationship with the scales and get further motivated to be on the right track for weight loss.

The Perfect Rules to Win Over Scale

1) Weigh Yourself Once a Week

Numbers motivate us but getting obsessed by numbers will not be of any help rather the worst thing to do. In order to track your results, you will be attracted to the scale. The result will be that you will hop on the scales on a daily basis, and this is a crime. Our body reacts differently to so many factors like humidity, water fluctuations, water retention, and so on thud; body weight can change drastically on a daily basis. The rule here is weighing you at the same time on a weekly basis and get better and more honest results.

2) Consistency is the Key

Now this is another important factor to weigh yourself accurately; the variables must be kept to the minimum and same for each time weighing. Clothes and accessories have weight, and they can contribute to your weight. Thus weighing naked or with bare minimums that are same will help in getting accurate and reliable results. Consistent with clothes and timing is essential. If the last time you weighed before going to the washroom, then continue to do for the next time also to see the difference.

3) Morning is the Best Time of Day

Now that you are aware of a weekly regime and consistent with clothes and timings another important aspect is when. The weekly weight time arises the best time to weigh is in the morning. Never weigh yourself after a meal or consumption of any liquid at this point your weight will be more. The best time to weigh is after you wake up. The simple logic is that after the night’s sleep, your body has digested and processed all the food that you had eaten the previous day. After fasting for the night, weighing will render correct results.

4) Track the Progress

There is much more to weight loss than just the exact numbers of loss. Now that you are aware of the loss and are seeing the numbers going down, it is also required that you keep a complete track of what is happening in the body. The maximum benefit of weighing machine can be achieved only if you can track the complete progress. By using a weight loss app, you will get a detailed picture of what is happening in the body, and it will help you as per the requirements of your body. With a detailed chart, it will be easier to plan the diet and exercise regime.

The figure from the app will work as a great motivation. If the app and scales are connected as in case of the smart scale, then there will be a lot of things that you can measure. Body fat percentage and muscle mass can be calculated along with health numbers like pulse rate, blood pressure, sugar rates, water intakes, calories consumed, fasting schedules, calories burnt and so on. The detailed figures will give you a better picture of health and help you to understand your body and work accordingly.

5) Do Away with the Scales

Yes, do away with the scales if it is just leading to distress and anxiety in your life. If the scales are not contributing towards your progress, rather it’s taking you away from progress then its time to remove it. Negative emotions stop weight loss, thus remove the scales and see the loss happening.

Ditch the Scales but not the Weight Loss Journey

Now that you have decided to remove the scales, there will be a requirement to check your progress in terms of weight loss. If you have eating disorders or anxiety issues, then scales can never be your friend rather leave it for the health care provider so that you can positively concentrate on other better options. Bear in mind that your weight loss journey is your ultimate salvation.

Scale is Just a Tool

Weighing yourself on a scale is a way top, track your weight loss journey, but it should never become the only way to judge your progress. If you have decided to track your progress, invest in a smart scale that tells and focuses on other aspects of your body. The smart scale will give your information about weight, body fat percentage, muscle mass and even track your progress in other ways also.

Apart from scales your energy levels, fitting of clothes, inch loss, your skin, appetite; healthy food choices should also be used as a parameter to check your weight loss. By opening the horizons and expanding the thoughts, you will be able to decide if there is any progress made or not. Be vigilant of things and observe your body getting obsessed with scales will not help rather it will only worsen the situation.  Once you get everything right, you are always good to go.

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