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What is an Analog Weighing Scale? How does it Work?

Analog Weighing Scale

Analog Weighing Scale is the regular bathroom weighing scale that you find at home. They are a very old piece of technology but they are still being used. As of now, Analog Weighing Scales have been replaced with the digital ones but until a few years, these scales were used to weight the person and they were present at almost every house. Have you ever wondered that how does this Analog weighing scale works?

Analog Weighing Scale

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Well, here is how it works

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-} The weighing scale consists of a small spring assembly which can be adjusted to 0 with help of a small know. This helps in actuating the scale to the real value.

-} Along with the small spring, there is another spring which basically actuates the weight. This is done with help of a mechanical assembly.

-} When you stand on the weighing scale, you basically exert a force on the bars present in the weighing scale. These bars are running in the cross-section of the weighing scale and when you stand on the weighing scale, you are actually exerting the force on these bars

-} These bars are connected to a spring which is then connected to a dial which is basically connected to a dial which has the marking for the weight. The spring moves the dial and this movement is proportional to the weight of the person or the force that is exerted on the scale.

Advantages of Using an Analog Weighing Machine?  

Although the analog weighing machines are the traditional system of weighing, it still has a bunch of advantages of using. Some of the prime advantages are as follows.  

  • No Battery – The best advantage of the analog scales is that there is no additional recurring cost of refilling batteries. These analog weighing machines need no batteries to function. Then you might wonder how does a digital scale works. It has springs underneath the surface of the machine that balances your weight as you stand on it. Your body-weight is then shown on a revolving dial, all measurements written on it through the display window.   
  • Easy Function– The analog weighing machines for humans are extremely easy to use. There are no complications of switches or any other settings. The process of taking the reading of weight is very straightforward. There will be an arrow indicating the numbers written on the dial that will show the weight.   
  • Durable – These machines are much sturdier than the digital scales. The built-in mechanism and the material of these scales are very hardy, making the machine work for a longer time without any error of function.  

Features to look for while buying an analog weighing machine  

It would help if you had a basic idea of the different perspectives of any product before investing in it. Analog weighing machines are not very common things that everyone is an expert in. So, here are some of the important points you need to be aware of while buying an analog weighing scale.  

  • Types of Weighing Scale  

There are two most basic types of weighing scales. One is the analog scales, and the other is the digital weighing scales. The analog scales are the comparatively older model of weighing machines, while the digital scales are the more modern type of weighing scales. The two types of scales use different mechanisms for weighing the human body or other goods. There is a debate between the analog weighing machines vs. digital machines. But both types have their own sets of advantages and disadvantages. It would be best if you made your purchase keeping your requirements in mind.   

  • Weight  

Though these machines are used for weighing other goods, their own weight should be considered too while buying. If you want a portable weighing machine, then the weight is a vital factor. The analog machines are much heavier than the digital ones. So, the analog weighing scales might be a problem to carry along with you if that is one of your requirements.   

  • Capacity  

Every weighing machine has a limit of its weighing capacity. This capacity refers to the weight’s value, after which the machine stops working or breaks down. Usually, the highest weighing capacity in any weighing scale ranges from 200-250 kilograms. Moreover, different scales have different capacities depending on what is being weighed and the machine’s size.  

  • Measurement  

Nowadays, modern digital scales come with many other facilities apart from simply measuring your body weight. However, analog scales have a limitation of performances from this perspective. The best scales available in the market can perform multiple tasks. For example, they can measure your body fat, BMI, bone mass, BMR, physique rating, body water, metabolic age, fat-free weight, etc. These features make the weighing scales one of the revolutionary inventions of this era.  

  • Accuracy  

Accuracy of any weighing scale is an essential feature. If your weighing scale produces wrong measurements, they can mislead you to develop an improper diet and hamper your fitness routine. However, every weighing scale has a 10% of more or less accuracy margin. Reviews and researches have proved that the digital weighing scales are more prone to produce accurate measurements than the analog ones. 

This was the basic working of an Analog weighing machine and they are still very popular because of the low cost and the reliability they offer to the user. You can find such scales in many households and hospitals.The only thing that you must take care of is that you must set the spring to 0 before the use.

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