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Best Baby Weighing Machine India 2021 Buy Online Price

Techsun New Born Baby Weight Measuring Scale

If you are going to become a mother soon then you must buy a baby weight machine at home. These machines can help you in monitoring the weight of the baby on a regular basis. This is an important part of the growth of the baby’s health. These baby weighing scales are easily available online and here are some of the factors to consider before buying a Weighing Scale for Baby


Baby Weighing Machine -Buy Online in India

1. Mcp Electronic Digital Baby Infant Weighing Scale 20 Kgs

Mcp Electronic Digital Baby Infant Pet Bathroom Weighing Scale

If you are looking for a weighing scale for babies as well as toddlers then you can buy this weighing scale. It comes with a padding which makes the baby comfortable and the scale can be adjusted to give the output in kg or pounds. The weighing scale also has an option for tare which can set the reading of the scale back to 0. This feature can enable you to account for the weighing of blanket or diaper.

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2. TECLUSIVE Digital Portable Baby Weighing Scale

If you want something much more affordable then you can opt for this Analog weighing scale. The capacity of the weighing scale is also 20 Kg and it has a plastic curved pan which keeps the baby stable while weighing him. You can also remove the pan to wash the scale occasionally so as to maintain the hygiene.

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3. Docbel-Braun Baby Popular Weighing Scale

This weighing scale from Docbel is loaded with features and apart from Tare and Hold Feature, the weighing scale also has a memory feature that can store the last few readings. Apart from this, the weighing scale can also calculate and display the difference in weight from the last reading. The scale comes with a warranty of 18 months which is another advantage of buying this amazing weighing scale.

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4. PAXMAX Electronic Digital Baby Infant Pet Bathroom Weighing Scale- 20 Kgs, White

This is a multi-function weighing scale as the weighing scale has a tray for measuring the weight of the infant but the tray can be removed to have the flat platform which can be used to measure the weight of the baby once baby can stand. The weighing machine also comes with the hold function and the manufacturer offers a warranty of 2 years on this product.

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5. Techsun New Born Baby Weight Measuring Scale Portable Electronic Digital Baby Weighing Scale

Techsun New Born Baby Weight Measuring Scale

This weighing scale from Techsun can be used for the children up to the age of 10 years as the capacity of the weighing scale is 40 Kg. It comes with a removable tray which can easily be attached or removed as per the requirement. The tray also has a slight curve which helps in providing comfort to the baby. In addition to this, the tray also comes with tare button as well as the hold button.

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Buying Guide – Baby weight machine

• Analog vs Digital–First thing to consider is if you want to buy an Analog Weighing Scale or a Digital Weighing Scale. You can consider any of these and in addition to this, the digital weighing scale actually makes it easy to read the weight. The digital ones are also a little more accurate but they comeat an additional cost.

• Weighing Pan– The weighing pan or the baby tray of the scale should be big enough to hold the baby and it should have curves so that the baby doesn’t fall. It is always better to have a padded weighing scale as that provides extra comfort to the baby.

• Accuracy& Capacity – You must also consider the accuracy and the capacity of the weighing scale. If you intend to use the weighing scale even for the toddler then it is better to choose a higher weighing capacity. Also, check the accuracy rating of the weighing scale before you purchase one.

• Tare Function and Hold Button– Having a Tare Function are better as this way, you can subtract the weight of the diaper. In addition to this, if you have hold feature on the weighing scale then you can use that button to get the accurate reading of the weight even when the baby is wiggling.

• Add-Ons– Lastly, there are some weighing scales that come with digital features which can help you in keeping the track of the baby’s weighing automatically. These weighing scales can usually be connected to the network via Wi-Fi and it is again a personal choice if you want to opt for these features or not.

These were some of the basic criteria to consider while buying a baby weighing scale and below is a list of some of the best weighing scales available in India for the babies.

Having a baby weighing scale at the convenience of your home allows you to track your baby’s progress and growth regularly. Among the plenty of baby weight machine name, it is essential to choose the trustworthy brands that will serve your purpose. 

Mechanical weighing machine

Though the overall price of the mechanical infant weighing machine price India is a bit on the higher side, it is worth buying when it comes to the product’s effectiveness. Before discovering the digital ones, these mechanical machines were spread all over the hospital and clinics. It always provides you with accurate readings but has a minute downside of over price. 


There are plenty of digital baby weighing scale manufacturers India but fail when it comes to the device’s portability. Hands-down, these scales are extremely lightweight and convenient to carry or transport according to your need. One can always take these portable weighing scales with them whenever they are on a trip. It allows the parents to weigh their infants even while they are on vacation. 

Chair type scales:

These chair type weighing machines are more comfortable concerning the other types. There are many baby weighing machine near me, but they fail when it comes to providing the ultimate level of comfort. They can effectively take the measurements of the baby with the help of the sensors.

Reliability and durability

Several digital baby weighing scale manufacturers India  . Before going for any ordinary weighing machine, one must always remember that we don’t by a baby weighing machine every now and then. So, investing in a durable and reliable machine should be done. It is always better to go with a trustworthy brand rather than any cheap quality brand. Conventional weighing machines might show deflection in weight that might affect in tracking your baby’s weight correctly.


This was the list of the best baby weighing machines and you can choose the one which you like. In addition to this, you can check out for the deals on online retailers to get a good discount on the products.

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