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Top 5 Battery for Weighing Scale – Reviews & Buying Guide

As we all know, the weighing scale doesn’t function without batteries. There are various models of batteries in the market. Each has its own specification. But are you aware of it? Well, you should at least have some basic information before buying one. The batteries’ longevity and many other things. It is important that you choose the best one, which won’t damage the weighing scale.

Most Weighing Scale uses coin cell batteries, which is hardly available in the market. So, for that, you have to visit an online store. You can get those batteries there at an affordable price, and there are different brands that you can choose from as well. In this article, we are going to look at different types of battery and their specific feature to help you with your next purchase. Without much delay, let’s get into the compiled list of best battery for the Weighing Scale. Here are the top five batteries suitable for the Weighing Scale.

Top 5 Battery for Weighing Scale to Buy in 2021

1) Panasonic Lithium Coin Battery

Panasonic CR2032 3V Coin Cell Batteries (Silver) - Pack of 2

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This product is value for money. It has a low discharge and is reliable. The battery gives power with an output of 3V. They are suitable for a wristwatch, LED light, neck light, desktop clock, calculator, electronic toys, and keyless entry. It has a long shelf life and is environmentally friendly. It has 0% mercury added, making it environmentally friendly.

This chromium chemical-based coin battery operates in temperature ranging from -30° up to 60°C. This product has high performance and functionality.


  • It gives power with an output of 3V.
  • Long self-life.
  • High performance.
  • Value for money.
  • Environmental friendly.
  • Operates in temperature -30° to 60°C.


  • The product has fewer reviews making it hard for the customers to buy them.

2) Duracell Coin Battery

Duracell Quantum DL2032 230 mAh Lithium Coin Battery (Grey)

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This product, exclusively made in Indonesia, gives power with an output of 3V. It is reliable and budget-friendly.

These batteries are suitable for calculator, motherboards, keyless entry, wristwatch, electronic toys, etc. The weight of the item is 20 grams.


  • Value for money.
  • Exclusively made in Indonesia.
  • Gives power with an output of 3V.
  • Reliable and budget-friendly.
  • Ideal for a wristwatch, electronic toys, etc.


  • The price is not mentioned in the package of the product.

3) Maxell Lithium Coin Battery

Maxell Hitachi CR2032 3V Lithium Button Coin Cell Battery (5...

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This Maxwell lithium coin battery is suitable for motherboards, calculators, keyless entry, cameras, electronic toys, etc.

The capacity range is 220.0 mAh to 240.0 mAh. It has high performance and functionality. The weight of the item is 20 g.


  • Good product in this price range.
  • Ideal for cameras, keyless entry, electronic toys, etc.
  • Long-lasting.
  • Gives power with an output of 3V.
  • Long self-life.


  • Less positive reviews are making it hard for the customers to decide whether the item is good or not.

4) Kodak Lithium Coin Battery

Kodak CR2032 Lithium 3V Battery Camera Button Cells (2 Cards...

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Kodak is a trusted and reliable brand. Batteries from this brand have high performance and functionality. This coin battery gives power with an output of 3V.

These batteries are ideal for weighing scale, wristwatches, electronic toys, cameras, etc. The weight of the product is 14 grams.


  • Reliable product.
  • Gives power with an output of 3V.
  • Value for money.
  • Low discharge.
  • Longer shelf-life.


  • The product is made in China, so doubtful about its quality and durability.

5) Duracell Lithium Coin Battery

Duracell Specialty 2025 Lithium Coin Battery 3V, Pack of 2...

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This coin battery from Duracell comes with a tamper-proof puck with a double blister for children’s safety.

It is suitable for key logs, small remotes, weighing scale, sensors, medical devices, and many more. The battery uses 3V to give power. The weight of the item is 18 grams.


  • The quality is the finest.
  • Comes with tamper proof puck with a double blister for safety.
  • Ideal for small remotes, scales, electronic devices.
  • Value for money.


  • The battery discharges faster than expected.

Buying Guide for Battery for Weighing Scale

Consider all these aspects while buying the battery for the Weighing Scale. Neither less to say, finding the right battery can get tedious at times! You need to be very precise with the entire model number and right size. That is why, here are the guidelines for buying the best battery for Weighing Scale.

Types of Coin Cell Battery

Button Cell and Coin Cell Batteries

Button cell and coin cell batteries are light-weighted and affordable. The good thing about coin cell batteries has a low self-discharge, which makes them last longer. They are reliable and lasts long. There are two variants: the smaller one, which looks like a coin, is known as a coin cell, and the other one, as the name suggests, button cell. Coin cells are not rechargeable, but on the other hand, button cell batteries are rechargeable.

  • Voltage: Voltage is a measurement of electrical potential. The voltage of a particular battery varies in accordance with what type of battery you are using. If you are using a silver oxide battery, then it will operate at just 1.5 volts, whereas lithium batteries use 3V to give power. So, have a look at the product you’re using and see how much voltage does it requires to power up.
  • mAh (Milli ampere-hour): Measures the capacity of the battery. In other words, it means how much a battery is likely to discharge over a period of one hour. Higher mAh assures for how long the current is drawn, not how much the current is drawn over a period of time.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) How should I maximize the performance of the battery?

There are various ways you can maximize the performance of the battery.

  • Break-in new batteries: New batteries arrive in discharged condition. It is generally advised that you charge it fully and discharge it two to three times. That way, you can see the maximum capacity of the batteries.
  • Frequently clean the batteries: Clean the batteries at least once every month. Clean it with cotton swab and alcohol. This way, the battery would function effectively in your portable device.
  • Exercise the batteries: Don’t keep the batteries dormant for a longer period of time. Use it at least once every fortnight. Still, if it’s not working, then charge it fully and discharge it three to four times.
  • Prevent the memory effect: Fully charge the battery and then discharge it. Do this once or twice a week. Well, this is an exception for li-ion batteries.

2) Are lithium batteries rechargeable?

No, lithium batteries are not rechargeable. Lithium batteries are affordable and are used to power up portable electronics. These batteries are small, light-weighted, and suitable for small devices.

3) Does storing batteries in refrigerators really help?

It does help. You should keep in mind while you’re keeping it in the refrigerator, the batteries should not come in contact with water. If it remains dry in the refrigerator, then it would help the batteries to reduce excess ion flow.

At higher temperatures, the ion flows rapidly, resulting in higher battery discharge. So, keeping batteries in the refrigerator can prevent higher battery discharge. After removing batteries from the refrigerator, remember to keep it at room temperature for a while before inserting it in the portable electronics.

Concluding Words

The article is filled with relevant information about different types of batteries and their specifications. Now, it’s your call. The above-enlisted batteries are what the current market offers.

We also advise you not to buy cheap batteries, which would last for a shorter period of time. On the other hand, go for high-cost products from trusted brands. They provide affordable and quality products. We hope this article was helpful.

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