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10 Best Body Weighing Machine In India 2021 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Equinox Personal Weighing Scale-Digital EQ-EB-9300

Let’s find out Best Weight Machines you can buy online. There was a time not so long ago, when people had to visit hospitals or railway station to have their body weight checked. Yes railway station, most of us above an age of 25-years would be similar with that giant looking thing at the railway station with attractive lights and a spinning wheel on which if we stand and deposit a coin will give us a small cardboard printed with our actual weight.

Best Weighing Machine In India

We are going to show you 10 best body weighing scales, you can buy in India. Another common method was visiting a clinic or hospital and the staff will ask us to get on top of a weighing machine and then he/she reads/notes down the weigh on the scale. These processes were long and time-consuming, but, today, things have changed people lack time and patience to visit a hospital/clinic/any place to check their weight.

Below are out top picks for best weighing machine/scale in India.

However, with all this being told, weighing machines are of different types and they come from different brands. Here are some of the things you should know and some of the key factors that you should consider before purchasing weighing machines at home.This is where our product, personal body weighing machine comes into play.

Best Buy Body Weighing Machines Online in India 2021

1) HNESS Electronic Thick Weight Scale

HNESS Thick Tempered Glass LCD Display Digital Health Body...

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The HNESS Ultra-Lite Personal Scale from the brand HNESS is one of the best selling weighing machines available on the Indian market right now. This weighing machine looks elegant and comes with dark grey backlight feature. The manufacturer has incorporated G sensors on this device for greater accuracy.

One of the notable features of this device is that it is lightweight and the entire device is slim. This product has a capacity/weighing range of 5-180 kg. Hness is Best Weight Machine Brand.

  • LCD Display.
  • Square Digital Design.
  • 180KG Capacity.
  • Inaccurate sometimes.

2) Hoffen HO-18 Digital Body Weight Machine

Hoffen (India) Digital Electronic LCD Personal Health Body...

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The Hoffen HO-18 Digital Weight Scale from the brand Omron comes on number second in our list. This is a digital weighing machine that comes incorporated with 4 sensors that ensures accuracy. The device also has tempered glass that enhances the safety of the device. This is one of the best Weight Machine Online.

One of the notable features of the device is that it comes with sensors that switch on/off the device automatically. The manufacturer offers a 1-year warranty on the product.

  • Strain Gauge Sensor System
  • 280 X 280 Mm Display
  • 2.3 -180 Kg Capacity
  • Low Accuracy.

3) GVC Deluxe Personal Weighing Scale Analog Mechanical

GVC Deluxe Personal Weighing Scale Analog Mechanical (BLACK)

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The GVC analog weighing scale from the brand GVC is one of the best analog weighing machines for body weight. This weighing machine comes with 130 kg weighing range/capacity. The whole device has a durable body and the device is built to withstand shocks and high pressure.

The manufacturer offers a 1.5 year warranty on the product from the date of delivery of the product. The device also comes with a feature that allows the user to adjust the scale to remove the zero error on the scale.

  • No Calibration Required.
  • Big Size
  • Low Capacity.

4) Healthgenie Electronic Digital Weighing Scale

Healthgenie Thick Tempered Glass Lcd Display Digital...

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The Healthgenie Digital Electronic from the brand Healthgenie is one of the best weighing scales to buy online in India. This is a digital weighing machine that looks elegant and stylish. This is one of the most Accurate Weighing Machine.

One of the notable features of this device is that it comes with a comparatively larger LCD display and also an auto-step-on feature that switches on the device when the user steps on the device. This device has a capacity of 150 Kgs and also comes with low battery/error/overload.

  • Four Sensor Technology
  • Auto Power On And Off
  • Low Build Quality

5) Venus Personal Electronic Digital LCD Body Fitness Weight Machine – Red

Venus EPS-2001 Electronic Bathroom Scale (Red)

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This device by Venus brand is lightweight and comes incorporated with tempered glass. The device also has an elegant LCD display and comes with a weighing range 5-180 Kgs. The manufacturer offers a 3 months warranty on the product from the date of delivery of the product. One of the notable things of the device is that it looks elegant and attractive. This was our Venus Weighing Machine Review.

  • Light-weight
  • G Sensor For High Accuracy
  • Made In India
  • None So Far

6) Lifetrons Electronic Thick Tempered Glass & LCD Display

Lifetrons Smart Bluetooth Digital Smart Fitness Body Fat...

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This digital weighing machine device is super lightweight and comes with a display with dark grey backlight and white fonts. The capacity or weighing range of the device is 120 Kgs. The manufacturer also has incorporated a G sensor for ensuring high accuracy.

One of the notable things about this weighing machine is that it also has a temperature indicator too. This one is Best Weighing Machine For Home. This is Best Digital Weighing Machine.

  • Overload Indication
  • Auto On/off
  • Compact Size
  • Low Build Quality

7) Healthgenie HD-221 Digital Weighing Scale Silver Pattern

Healthgenie Digital Weight Machine, Weighing Machine For...

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This weighing scale is perfect for those buyers who are looking for a modern looking weighing scale with a jet black toughened glass for better durability. With a large backlit LCD panel, this is one of the easiest to read weighing scale in the Indian market. For flawless accuracy, the scale has G-sensors with a manufacturing tolerance of 300 grams. This is yet another Digital Weight Machine Lowest Price.

This helps the user get the most accurate results every single time. You can easily change the weighing unit to get the results in the desired format. The LCD screen also shows important information like error and low battery indication. So, the Healthgenie HD-221 would be a great choice if you were looking for a reliable and accurate weighing scale for yourself.

  • Power Saving Display
  • Auto Calibration
  • Low Battery Indicators
  • None

8) Hoffen Digital Electronic LCD Personal Body Fitness Weighing Scale

Hoffen (India) Digital Electronic LCD Personal Health Body...

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For those buyers who are looking for a simple looking weighing scale for themselves with precise results, the Hoffen digital weighing scale would be a great buy. With a simple design and brilliant strain gauge sensor, it is one of the best weighing scales for the buyers in this range. If you are looking for Human Weighing Machine, this one is for you.

Apart from accurate results, some of the most talked-about features of the weighing scale include heavy-duty toughened glass, overload indication, and auto shut down. The weighing capacity of the scale is 2.5 to 180 kg and thus it can be used by every single member of the family. So, if you were after an accurate and decent looking weighing scale, you should not any further than this amazing weighing scale from Hoffen.

  • High Precision Sensor
  • Display 280 X 280 Mm
  • 180kg Capacity
  • Low Build Quality

9) Gvc Iron Analogue Weighing Scale

Gvc Iron Analogue Personal Health Check Up Fitness Weighing...

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If you are looking for a weighing scale that not only shows the accurate weight but also provides some other useful information then the MCP Deluxe Weighing scale would be a great choice for you. apart from being extremely beautiful and accurate, this weighing scale is a perfect one to show the additional information about the temperature.

Apart from these, there are numerous other features that make it a worthy product for homes. Some of the most useful features of the weighing scale include USB port charging, patented accu gauge technology, and automatic shut down. Apart from the temperature and weight, the display panel also alerts the user about overload and low battery.

So, if you are looking for a perfect weighing scale for your home, the MCP Deluxeweighing scale would be a brilliant choice for you.

  • KG/LBS System
  • Zero Calibration
  • Low Capacity


QUARK MART is a perfect weighing scale for the buyers who were looking to buy a durable and accurate scale for their home. With the four efficient sensors, this is one of the most accurate weighing scales in this range. Moreover, the advanced features like the auto power on/off and a large display panel, this is a great buy for the buyers looking for a personal weighing scale for their home.

It has a better battery life than the other weighing scales available in India, and it works on the convenient AAA batteries make it a brilliant choice for the home. Nova is one of the Best Weighing Machine Brand.

  • Power Saving
  • Four Sensor Technology
  • Plastic Metal

List of Weighing Machine Best Brand 2021

You can click on product to know Weight Check Machine Price. We have listed best Weighing Machine Brands.

Important Factors to Look Before Buying

If you want to buy Weighing Machine Online, let’s have a look at few facts below.

  • Accuracy: The measurement of the weighing machine should be precise and accurate. You can check this by taking weight twice in a day and compare it. If the difference is large, that is more than what can be accepted; then, you should consider buying a different model. Body Weight Measuring Machine should be accurate.
  • Capacity: Every weighing machine has an ultimate capacity up to which it can weigh. Most Indian machines have a capacity of weighing up to 200 to 250 kgs, which is enough for the majority. But this factor should be kept in mind and checked before buying a model.
  • Measurement: It totally depends on your requirement what you want from the machine. There are machines that can measure BMI, BMR, Body Fat, Visceral Fat, Muscle Mass, etc. along with measuring weight. You need to think about your budget, need, and fitness goal to decide which you prefer: whether just a bathroom scale will work or you need one with these advanced features.

  • Additional Features: Multi-user data tracking and data syncing are some features that can help in tracking your weight and lifestyle changes. So consider these features before buying a model. The user database helps in recording healthy transformative movements and makes the needed lifestyle changes. The data syncing helps you to access the data anywhere, which makes it easier to track down your goal.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) How to understand the accuracy of your weighing machine?

You can put several objects on the weighing machine to really test whether it is correct or not. Best is to put dumbbells on the weighing machine and check the exact weight. Although the weight of the dumbbell itself is not that accurate, it will fulfill the purpose. This will help you to find Best Weighing Machine India.

You will get the best weighing machine amazon. If you are buying from there, then check once you have it home. Measure your weight twice a day and see the results. If there is any difference beyond the acceptable limit, then consider returning it. Remember to place the machine on a flat and leveled surface to get the best results.

2) How can I reset the digital scale?

Sometimes it becomes difficult to reset digital scales. But following these steps will help:

  • Choose an object which is weighed easily on the machine.
  • Reset buttons on the machine or search for calibrations.
  • Please keep the button pressed until it becomes 0.
  • Now put the object and see the exact weight on the scale. 
  • Now once the weight has appeared on the screen, but the scale to reset, which can be easily observed by 0 on the screen.
  • Some machines apply reset automatically but must wait for some time till the manual resetting period is completed.

3) Can scale give wrong results?

In all perfect cases, scales are designed so that they never give wrong results. They have advanced features and technology that give accurate measurements. But if there are mechanical issues on the scale, then it might give the wrong results. However, be sure that the device is kept balanced and kept on a plain surface. A well-trained mechanic can resolve this issue. Choosing Best Weight Machine For Home is very important.

4) How can you tell that the scale is broken?

Digital scales are believed to be the best way of measuring weights. Broken scales are easy to identify. Place a subject whose weight is known to you. If the weight scale shows a different weight that differs a lot from the original weight, then it might be broken. Sometimes this issue happens due to low battery in digital scales.

Change the battery and check. If then also the issue pertains, then it might be because the scale is broken. That’s why we have reviewed Best Weighing Scale Brand In India.

Personal weighing machines are those weighing machines that are cheap and can be used frequently to keep the weight in check. There are many manufacturers that have exploited the demand for the personal weighing machine and have flooded the market with different models of weighting machines.

Advantages of having a personal weighing machine –

  1. Personal weighing machines enable the user to keep his/her weight at check
  2. A personal weighing machine is time-saving
  3. It saves money and he/she can frequently check the weight.

Factors to consider while purchasing a weighing machine –

  1. Type of weighing machine
  2. Weighing range/capacity
  3. Environment
  4. Units and display
  5. Skid-proof
  6. Shape

Type of Body Weighing Machines

1) Analog weighing machine – This type of weighing machine is the traditional type, t is the cheapest type of weighing machine available on the Indian market right now. Analog type weighing machine displays the body weight readings in dial mode, they come in different capacities which I will explain later in this section. This type of weighing machine has few disadvantages, they usually have a 0.5 kg error after some use, and the reading could vary according to the side from which you check the reading.

2) Digital weighing machine – A digital weighing machine is an evolved version of the analog weighing machine, as the name suggests, the weight reading is displayed digitally on a small screen. The size of the screen may or may not vary with each model. This type of weighing machines come with batteries that can be replaced, these batteries would be lithium based. The capacity of this type of weighing machine may vary.

Some of the digital machines have advanced features like memory feature that can store the previous reading, and some come with sensors that can switch off/switch off the device accordingly. Now, today, there are also weighing machines that come with Bluetooth pairing feature which enable the device to send the weight measurements to your smartphone. This measurement details can then be shared with doctors, friends, relatives etc.

If you are looking for a personal weighing machine that displays the accurate weight measurement, it is always better to consider purchasing a digital weighing machine. A digital weighing machine is maximum error-free and displays the exact weight reading.

Buying Guide for Weighing Scale

1) Weighing range/capacity – Capacity of a weighing machine refers to the maximum reading a weighing machine can display. Analog weighing machine comes with a capacity 100 kg, 120 kg, 150 kg, on the other hand, a digital weighing machine comes with capacity 100 kg, 120 kg, 150 kg, 180 kg. Selecting the device on the basis of its capacity is totally up to you and the only thing you should remember is that it is always better to purchase a device with maximum capacity.

2) Environment – weighing machine come with different features, some come with waterproof features, some with shockproof features. Before purchasing a weighing machine, decide where you are going to place the device, if it is a place with high humidity and moisture prefer purchasing a waterproof device if, you have kids at home and if the device will be kept at his/her reach prefer purchasing a shockproof device.

3) Units and size of display – Most of the Indians prefer weight to be displayed in kilograms on their weighing machine. However, some people especially the NRIs might prefer having the weight reading displayed in another unit if you have such a requirement check the specification carefully because there are devices with such options.

Size of the display is another major factor to consider and it is really important if the device is digital, different models of weighing machine will have different display size. It is totally up to you to check the size of the display and purchase the product according to your requirement.

4) Skid-proof – This is one of the most important features to consider while purchasing a personal weighing machine. I have seen some devices with no skid proof feature; these devices are dangerous to use.

If you have very old people at your family or let it be anyone devices with no skid proof feature can prove dangerous and can result in severe damages to your body, so, it is very important to purchase a device with skid-proof design so that the user does not slip and fall from the weighing machine breaking his/her bones.

5) Shape –weighing machine comes in mainly two different shapes, round and rectangle. There are no differences in the efficiency of the device or working of the device, but the shape of the device really matters for some people. It is more of a personal choice, so, I leave it up to you to select the shape.

Considering all these factors here are some of the best personal weighing machines available on the Indian market right now.


Today, most of the people are busy with their life’s and job, no one can spare some time to check their weight and to keep their body mass at check, personal weighing machines are those devices that helps the user keep in check the body weight frequently.

The entire products listed above come from reputed manufactures and are the best devices available on the Indian market today.


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