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6 Best Commercial Weighing Machines 2021 with Buying Guide

Digital weighing machines are the new weapon of the new digital retail market. Because in every field of the retail business weighing your products accurately before selling is a very important part. The amount of your profit and loss can depend on it.

Hence, you have to think and carefully choose the best quality weighing machine from the market. There should be no compromise. So, here we present you detailed descriptions of the top 6 best of the digital weighing machines for commercial use that are available in the market in 2021, followed by a buying guide. 

6 Best Commercial Weighing Machines to Buy in 2021

1) Baijnath Premnath Caliber Weighing Scale

Baijnath Premnath Caliber Weighing Scale

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The Baijnath Premnath industrial scale is a heavy-duty platform weighing machine that is perfect for industrial use. This company has a very good reputation for its customer support services. It has a platform scale measuring 20″ x 20″ (500mm x 500mm).

It comes with a maximum weighing limit of 200 kg and a precision of a minimum of 10 gm. This machine can run on dual power connectivity. It has the best class battery with 6o hours of power back up and an additional 220V power cord for direct power supply. The weighing pan is made of rustproof material. So, it can be used in all kinds of industries. And it has a wide LED display panel with 180° viewing angle.


  • Platform size is 20 x 20 inches
  • It can weigh up to 200 kg
  • Dual power connectivity (Battery and electricity)
  • Heavy-duty and sleek design


  • You have to assemble product yourself

2) Honda Electronic Weighing Scale

Honda Electronic Weighing Scale

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This digital weighing machine very efficient in giving the measurements accurately. It has the highest weighing capacity of 150 kg. At the same time, it can measure the lowest weight of 10 gm. The weighing platform measures 16” x 16” (400mm x 400mm).

It has the tare function that removes the weight of the utensil before weighing things. There are multiple unit options that add to its ability to measure different types of goods. It has other features like maintenance-free auto-calibration. This machine runs in battery and uses the latest technology with low battery indication.

There are skid-proof rubber legs for safety and stainless-steel pan for a hygienic weighing experience. Moreover, this machine has a one year off side warranty to offer.


  • Super sturdy build quality
  • Offers very precise and accurate measurements
  • Low battery signal
  • Featured with low maintenance auto-calibration feature


  • High price 

3) Honda White Electronic Weighing Scale

Honda White Electronic Weighing Scale

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This is another heavy-duty weighing machine from Honda. No question of reliability arises when such big brand names are associated. This incorporates technologies that have a maintenance-free auto-calibration facility. It has different weighing modes to maximize its utility.

Therefore, it can be used in a wide range of commercial purposes. This machine has the highest capacity of 50 kg. It is loaded with an international quality power cell and has a low battery indication. It has a very strong structure. And finally, this machine has a one year off side warranty.


  • Heavy-duty usage
  • Incorporates different modes
  • Sturdy and durable structure


  • Single LED display

4) GF Caliber Industrial Weighing Scale

GF Caliber Industrial Weighing Scale

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The GF Caliber weighing scale is a perfect weighing scale for grocery shops, retail shops, industrial sites, etc. It has four skid-proof legs that hold on to the floor firmly. The heavy-duty metal structure makes this machine durable in rough conditions. The platform size is 300mm x 300mm.

It has the capacity of weighing 50 kg to 100 kg. There is grill support at the back for weighing large packages easily. The design and structure of this machine are very simple and elegant. It also has an on/off button and a clear LED display. 


  • Weight capacity of 300 kg
  • Rustproof body
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Durable


  • Single and small LED display

5) iScale Digital Retail Shop Weighing Machine

iScale Digital Retail Shop Weighing Machine

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This digital weighing scale is one of the best performing digital weighing machines, especially for small retail shops. It can weigh accurately from 2 gm to 30kg. The platform size measures 250×300 mm. and it is made of stainless steel material.

The scale is built with precision sensors that provide an accurate weight of products with unmatchable consistency. The green both side display maintains transparency between the buyers and the sellers. It runs on a rechargeable power supply. Once it is fully charged, it can run for at least two days.

The battery even switches automatically to a power-saving mode if not in use. The lightweight and user-friendly design and technologies of this machine make it extremely portable.


  • Digital double-sided clear LED display
  • Small convenient size
  • Weighing capacity up to 30 kgs
  • Battery back-up


  • The price is a bit high, but it’s worth it

6) Honda Digital Weighing Scale

Honda Digital Weighing Scale

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This is a small-duty weighing machine from Honda. It has a tare function. It uses the auto-calibration technology. This tabletop weighing machine is very convenient for the most accurate weighing. It has a low battery indicator that utilizes the latest technologies.

The key features that make this machine valuable are the rugged construction with overload protection and the international quality standard load cell. The company provides a 1-year off-side warranty.


  • Digital LED display
  • Small convenient size
  • Weighing capacity up to 30 kgs
  • Battery back-up


  • It is not worth the money

Buying Guide for the Best Commercial Weighing Machine

  • Digital Readability 

The digital weighing machines have a LED display screen. It displays the weight measurements of the things that are easily understood by both the buyer and the seller. Thus, this feature comes handy for transparency.

  • Accuracy 

Neither less to say, accuracy plays a crucial role on determining the machine you need to go with. These digital weighing machines are most convenient and reliable for their precision and accuracy of measurements. This makes it easy for the shopkeepers to win the credibility of the customers. The machines can read the smallest of weight with high precision, which is commendable.

  • Capacity

The weighing capacity of any electronic digital scale is one of its basic functions. Every model comes with a slightly different configuration. The maximum capacity of these commercial weighing machines ranges from 25 kgs to 200 kgs. Some of them have a minimum requirement of weight, while others don’t. 

  • Platform Size

The platform size is also an important thing to consider. It is the surface where the goods are placed for weighing. The size of the platform depends on the machine’s capacity. For lower capacity machines the platform comes in a smaller size. Whereas, for considering heavier items, you will need a machine with a bigger platform size. So, look for the machine, while platform size resonates with that of your requirement.

Concluding Words

In conclusion, you need to understand the importance of having one of the best weighing machines for all-purpose use in your business. A machine that can meet all your weighing requirements. There are many different types of commercial weighing machines like – platform type, tabletop, LCD type, computerized, and floor-based.

The weighing machines listed above are the best-buy products in terms of their durability and heavy-duty usage for commercial purposes. So, go ahead and make your choice. And don’t forget to do the basic maintenance of your machine. Such as cleaning, lubricating, etc.

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