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Best Dr. Trust Weighing Scale Review

The entire world is stepping toward becoming healthy. Studies and researches have proved that making a habit of weighing yourself first thing in the morning every day takes you far ahead in the weight loss journey. It also helps you stay always motivated in many ways. Hence, buying one of the best quality weighing machines for everyday personal use should be your first step towards becoming a fitter person. The market is crowded with numerous options of weighing scales for the human body. So, you need to look for the best option that fulfills all your requirements.

Dr. Trust Weighing Scale

Dr. Trust Weighing Scale

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Dr. Trust is one of the leading brands for health and wellness products. As the name speaks for itself, the doctors and other health practitioners highly trust and recommend products from this brand. This company has a wide range of weighing machines to offer. But we are going to talk about the Electronic Zen Digital Weighing Machine in today’s article. The technology used for this weighing machine contains high precision sensors so that it can accurately display your weight every time you step on it.

Here are the salient features of the Dr. Trust Electronic Zen Rechargeable Digital Personal Weighing Scale for your consideration.

Salient Features

1) Reliable Reading

Accuracy is the most basic feature that is to look for in a weighing machine. This weighing scale is equipped with instant step-on technology. It has an auto-calibrated weighing platform that reads the precise and accurate measurement up to two decimal points. There are two different unit options – pound and kilogram. You can choose the unit of weight according to your convenience. The maximum weighing limit of this device is 400 Lb. or 180 Kg. After the purchase, while weighing for the first time, you have to disregard the first reading as it will be the calibration reading. It also has the tare function. Place your device on a hard and flat surface in order to get the most reliable results.

2) Temperature Display

In addition to the reliability in the weight measurement, another feature that helps this weighing machine stand out from the other devices in the market is its temperature sensor. This digital weighing machine has a built-in temperature sensor that helps record the temperature and display it in Degree Celsius.

3) USB Compatibility

Another useful feature of this machine is USB compatibility. This feature makes it very easy to recharge the device every time. You can easily charge it anytime, anywhere, with the Micro-USB port through any of the compatible sources. The USB cable will be provided with the machine.

4) Patent Accu Gauge Technology

The weighing machine features a high precision Accu gauge technology. Therefore, the strong sensors are able to deliver results as precise as 0.2 Lb./3 oz. The blue backlight on the LCD display makes it super easy to read the results even in day-light brightness.

5) Auto-Off Function

The auto-off function is extremely useful in terms of power-saving quality. This function enables the machine to shut off shortly after you step off of it. If you keep this machine idle for a few minutes after its purpose is served, it goes off automatically. This feature is there to save energy for longer battery life.

6) Low Battery and Overload Indicators

This weighing machine also comes with indicators. One is for a low battery signal, and the other is for an over-weight indicator. It alarms you when the charge of the battery becomes potentially low. So, you can take it for a recharge as soon as possible. Similarly, the overload indicator will tell you when the highest weight capacity of this machine exceeds. The advice is to step off the machine immediately to avoid any damage to the machine.  

7) Instant Reading

This digital weighing machine contains an advanced technology that makes it very efficient in displaying the weight. So, it is able to show you your weight instantly as you step on it. The number appears in white-colored digital numbers on a blue background on the LCD display panel. 

8) Warranty 

This weighing machine has a cover of six months’ warranty plan. For that, you need to register on the manufacturer’s website within 15 days. Subsequently, the plan starts from the date of the invoice is generated. The manufacturers give the warranty only for the manufacturing defect of the weighing scale and the sensors. You have to send the machine to the company’s authorized servicing centers only. Because any unauthorized repair will be considered as a void of the warranty. However, there is no warranty for the batteries or any water damage, breakage, general wear, and tear. 

9) Durable and Portable Build Quality

The weighing platform is made of 6 mm thick tempered glass. This strong and durable material of the scale provides it the resilience that ensures years of fitness tracking with the same device. Despite the strong material, the light and compact, slim design of this weighing scale make your weighing experience very handy. Thus, the machine is very easy to use and maintain.

10) Rechargeable Batteries

Finally, the rechargeable batteries that are provided with the machine are the most wonderful part of it. These batteries can be charged with 500 mah power. You can fully charge the batteries once and forget charging for months at a stretch. The batteries can be charged by a portable USB cable. 

What Do We Like

  • The design is good, and it comes with a rechargeable battery.
  • Patented Accu gauge technology
  • Easy to read LCD screen
  • 6mm super strong tempered glass
  • Auto-off function
  • Low battery and overload indications
  • Instant step-on technology
  • Capacity up to 180kg
  • Rechargeable battery

What We Dislike

  • You need to handle the device with care as the upper layer is made of glass
  • It is a little heavy
  • This machine is highly functional, but it is a bit in the pricier side

Final Verdict

The hectic modern lifestyle leaves us with little time and energy to pursue any kind of health care routine. Hence, investing in the best quality weighing machine can prove to be a wise decision since it will help us have a track on our increasing body-weight and motivate us to work out. Moreover, you can plan your diet accordingly beforehand to prevent any fat further culminate in your body and save yourself from the lifestyle diseases. 

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