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Best Eagle Weighing Scale with Buying Guide

Checking your weight regularly and adopting healthier food choices is turning into a major concern among people. Implementing healthy habits and an intense workout session can surely bring noticeable change in your overall health. In need of regular measurements and to own the best weighing scale becomes the top-most priority. Such body scales with their underneath sensors use bio-electric impedance to analyze body weight. 

Eagle brand has made an immense revolution in the world of supplying premium quality body fitness scales. They are believed in serving its customers for the past three generations. Both the digital and analog weighing machines from this brand have been formulated by keeping all the problems in confederation. Apart from those routine weighing, they also provide an application for weighing a newborn baby to scale 120 tons of any truck loads. In simple language, all products can weigh from 0.01 mg to 120 tons. 

Best Eagle Weighing Scale to Buy in 2021

Well, to reduce your problems in finding the best weighing scale for you with their specifications, we have selected the best weighing scale brand Eagle. 

1) Eagle EEP 1003A Weighing Scale

Eagle EEP 1003A Weighing Scale

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Eagle EEP 1003A Weighing Scale is built with high precision gauge sensors to calculate the accurate weight. The upper extra-large platform of this machine is made of 8mm tempered glass platform. It has the capacity of scaling up to 180 kg of weight with the minimum variations 100 g. Plus, on its tempered glass platform, an extra-large LCD screen is fitted to show the measurements. This well-lit panel shows all the necessary details regarding your health with staging your back much.


  • The tempered glass platform makes it sturdy and durable
  • It can scale up to 180 kg of weight
  • The extra-sized platform is given for more comfort
  • Accurate measurements with a minimum variation of 100 g


  • It can scale only up to 180 kg
  • Does not support multi-functioning like body fat and water weight

2) Eagle EEP1007A 3 Volt Digital Weighing Scale

Eagle EEP1007A 3 Volt Digital Weighing Scale

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Eagle EEP1007A 3 Volt digital weighing Is another best weighing machine from this brand and holds a special place in the fitness industry. The upper body of this scale is entirely made of glass material. On the upper glass body, the digital screen is mounted to show measurements. It can scale up to 150 kg of weight easily. This machine has an elegant white color and has a compact structure which helps in storage and maintenance.


  • Elegant glassy material designed body
  • Slim body designed
  • Great built


  • Doesn’t give precise reading every time
  • It can only measure up to 150 kg

3) Eagle EEP1002A Weighing Scale

Eagle EEP1002A Weighing Scale

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Eagle EEP1002A Electronic digital weighing scale’s platform is made of 8mm tempered glass material. Because of that, its design becomes sturdier and more durable. They have included this pack with 2*AAA batteries with 1.5V capacity power. This machine has in-built four high precision gauge sensors for more accurate measurements. Plus, this machine has auto ON functionality whenever anyone steps on to the platform. It also has in-built indicators like the low-battery indicator and overload indicator. Its display is featured by the blue backlight with the black light for the number showing.


  • Auto On feature whenever a person steps on to the platform
  • Accurate measurements
  • Low battery and overloading indicators are included
  • They are made by considering all types of verification measures


  • It can only measure up to 180 kg

4) Eagle EEP2001A Digital Weighing Scale

Eagle EEP2001A Digital Weighing Scale

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Eagle EEP2001A digital weighing scale has a digital display size of 160mm x 30mm. Its platform is made of glass material. This device can scale weight up to 150 kg with the variation on the precision of 100 g. Plus, this machine has auto ON functionality whenever anyone steps on to the platform. This feature doesn’t require much physical labor. They come with a user manual for safety manual and instruction.


  • Comfortable standing platform made of glass material
  • Auto On feature whenever a person steps on to the platform
  • Beautifully designed platform


  • It can measure weight only up to 150 kg
  • Needs extra care to protect this machine

5) Eagle Electronic Digital Weighing Scale

Eagle Electronic Digital Weighing Scale

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Eagle electric digital weighing scale has the full transparent 6mm of tempered glass platform size of 295mm x 300mm. It also has an in-built high precision strain gauge sensor for more precise and accurate measurements. It has a power slot of 2 x 1.5V AAA battery, which is not included by default. It has in-built indicators like the low-battery indicator and overload indicators. This has the capability of scaling weight up to 150 kg with the variation in the precision of 100g. Its side edges are covered from the rubbery plastic material to give it more sturdiness and cracking. This machine’s weight is only 998g, so it is easy to move anywhere with more care.


  • Classy glass tempered transparent platform design with side rubbery plastic material
  • 2 x 1.5V AAA battery capacity
  • High precision gauge sensors are included for more accuracy
  • Easy to carry away


  • It can measure only up to 150 kg with a precision factor of 100g
  • Needs extra care because of the whole glassy platform

6) Eagle Personal Weighing Scale

Eagle Personal Weighing Scale

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Eagle mechanical personal weighing scale is designed with heavy-duty structuring. Its platform is made of PVC foot mats with striped fashion. This machine weighs 1.4 kg because of its primary metal material. It can measure weight from 100g to 130 kg. Due to the special design on the platform, it prevents the user from slipping or falling. Just by stepping on the device, it can provide you precise body weight.


  • Heavy-duty designed body structure
  • It is made of primary metal material
  • Its platform is designed with striped PVC
  • Not easily breakable
  • Minimum calibration capacity of 100g


  • It can only measure up to 130 kg
  • Lacks in design according to the latest generations

Buying Guide for Best Eagle Weighing Scale

Digital scales are more accurate compared to other types. They all are having a large screen and platform for calibrating weight. To buy the best digital weighing machine, you need to focus on given below functionalities.

  • Weight Capacity

Whenever you are going to buy any weighing machine, the initial suggestion that comes to mind is weight capacity. The normal digital weighing scale comes with 120 kg to 150 kg capacity of scaling. For heavy-duty tasks, a 250 kg weighing machine is more referred.

  • Accuracy

For any type of weighing, machine accuracy is the priority. Most weighing machines have accuracy with precision variations of 50 to 100 g; this one is the most preferable. In the worst-case scenario, 300 g of variation is available.

  • Durability and Size of Platform

Most preferable weighing machines have the platforms made of tempered glass or made of ABS materials. A metal body is also preferred for a small range of weighing machines.

  • Shape

Any weighing machine should have the curved edges to protect your feet from the side injury. So, look for the one that has an ergonomic design, as well as provide you with an ergonomic design. 

  • Indicators

In today’s generation’s weighing machines usually come with error indicators and low-battery indicators for more reliable user experience. Plus, overload indicators are also needed to be included in your weighing machine.

  • Multi-functionalities

Most new generation weighing machines come with multi-functionalities. For example, body age predictor, body mass weight measuring, bones measurements, etc. this type of functionality.

  • Batteries

Today’s all weighing machines come with the battery-powered feature. 2*AAA batteries with a minimum of 6 months of battery life are preferable for normal requirements, and with one year of battery, life batteries are recommended for heavy uses.

  • Warranty

The warranty also needs to be considered while buying any kind of weighing machine. The weighing machine comes with a minimum of 6 months of manufacturing warranty. The maximum warranty for any weighing machine in the opinion should be three years max to max. For an average budget, six months to 1 year of manufacturing is enough for any sort of weighing machine.

  • Cost

To buy any product, you need first to consider the costing of it and need to go through this. You can get a better weight machine at a minimum range of 1000 Rupees.

Concluding Words

Eagle always priorities their customers before its profits. It has very efficient customer support services to reduce their queries and problems rapidly. Anyone can buy these products without any worries. All these products are highly tested from all the parameters to get more efficient use. 

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