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Best Healthsense Weighing Machine in India – Reviews & Buying Guide

Healthsense is a good brand. It is famous for its right quality products along with its signature feature. Even it’s new in the market; it has gained the trust of its customers with quality products. In this article, we would look at the top Healthsense Weighing scale. That way, you can get rid of your doubts regarding the products of Healthsense.

Additionally, we have described each product’s unique features, compared them, and came out with this list. So, you can rely on it. Without further ado, let’s jump into the article. Here is the compiled list of best Healthsense Weighing scale in India, 2021.

Best Healthsense Weighing Scale in India

1) Healthsense Bluetooth Body Weighing Scale

HealthSense Fitdays BS 171 Smart Bluetooth Body Weighing...

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This product is value for money. It comes with 13 essential body composition readings. It has four precision sensors, which helps to give accurate and precise readings. It has a glass top and four sensitive electrodes for the battery.

You can even pair it up with a mobile app to track down your daily achievement. It has a large LCD display and wide platform. Not only this, the item has low battery indication, auto turns on/off, and many advanced features. The weight of the item is 1 kg 200 grams. The maximum weight requirement of this weighing scale is 120 kg.


  • One year manufacturer warranty.
  • Four precision sensors for accurate readings.
  • It can be paired up with iOS and Android devices.
  • Portable and user-friendly.
  • Gives full body analysis.
  • Good product in this price range.


  • Sometimes, the weighing scale gives invalid readings.

2) HealthSense Dura-Glass PS 115 Digital Personal Body Weighing Scale

HealthSense Dura-Glass PS 115 Digital Personal Body Weighing...

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This product from Healthsense has a sleek design and can fit into any décor. It is energy efficient and has an auto-calibration feature as well. Not only this, it has a large LCD display, wide and wavy platform to keep your feet in place.

Additionally, there is a skidproof surface and precision G- Sensors. There is a step in technology. It automatically turns on when you step your feet on it. The maximum weight requirement of this weighing machine is 180 kg, and it weighs around 1 kg 120 grams.


  • The unit conversion feature is there.
  • Step in technology.
  • Skidproof surface.
  • Sleek design.
  • Glass top.
  • Rounded corners for safety.
  • Large LCD and backlit display.
  • Auto calibration.
  • One year manufacturer warranty.


  • Sometimes, the weighing scale gives an inaccurate reading.

3) HealthSense Fitdays BS 171 Smart Bluetooth Body Weighing Scale

HealthSense Fitdays BS 171 Smart Bluetooth Body Weighing...

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The item comes with a one-year manufacturer warranty and 2AAA batteries. It has a fine tempered glass build along with G-sensors for highly accurate readings. Moreover, it has a low battery indicator, overload indicator as well.

Its non-slippery wide surface maintains safety. The display size is large, so you don’t have to bend down to check your readings. There is a unit conversation feature. You can change the readings into lbs, kg, or stone. It can hold up to 180 kg.


  • Portable and easy to clean.
  • One year manufacturer warranty.
  • Non-slippery surface.
  • Room temperature indicator.
  • Durable and sturdy tempered glass top.
  • Large LCD backlit display.


  • The size of the platform is small compared to other products.

4) Healthsense Digital Weighing Scale

HealthSense Dura-Glass PS 115 Digital Personal Body Weighing...

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This weighing scale comes with a one-year manufacturer warranty and sleek design. It has auto turn on/off, low battery indication, overload indication features. Not only this, the product has a non-slippery surface and curved edges for safety.

Step on technology is a unique feature of this product. Moreover, it has a toughed glass top. It gives room temperature and accurate readings. The weight holding capacity of this scale is 120 kg, and it weighs about 1 kg 400 grams.


  • Durable toughed glass top.
  • One year manufacturer warranty.
  • Portable and user-friendly.
  • Step on technology.
  • Non-slippery surface.
  • Room temperature indicator.


  • The size of the platform is small. It is not suitable for people with a foot size of more than 7.

Buying Guide for the Best Weighing Machine in India

We all understand how buying the right weighing machine can get tedious at times. Neither less to say, associating with a single brand makes it a lot harder. Consider all these following points while buying a weighing scale from Healthsense. That way, you can grab a great deal at a nominal price.

Does the Product Justify Its Price? 

This is important. The product you buy does it have all the features according to its price. Just don’t buy anything randomly. Don’t decide anything by simply looking at it. First, ask for professional help when you’re in the showroom. Then ask what its unique and additional features are. Compared it with other products in the market then buy.


Check what its body is made up of. It would be better if the body of the weighing scale is wooden, metal, or tempered glass. Don’t buy a product that comes with cheap plastic built.

Consider Your Budget

Healthsense is an affordable brand. There are various models so, you can easily get your hands on a good quality weighing scale at a reasonable price.

Maximum Weight Requirement

Healthsense Weighing scale comes with various models, and each product has a different weight requirement. Choose the product which rightfully serves your need.


The material with which the body is made is an important feature that needs to be considered carefully as all the products would not have the same amount of resistive capacity against breakage, scratches, wear and tear, and damages due to rough use. Once again, this depends on the nature of the necessity and the operational environment for which the product is being bought.

Analog or Digital

Healthsense digital weighing scales are more popular than their analog weighing scale. Analog weighing scale is a traditional weighing scale, so its features are limited. On the other hand, the digital Weighing scale is convenient and comes with advanced features. So, go with their digital weighing scale; you won’t regret your purchase.

Display size

It is always better to go for products that come with a large LCD display. Nobody wants to bend down after every reading.

Computational Feature

It is necessary to go through all the vital features related to display, indicators, and accuracy in the calculations of interchanging the multiple units for measurement of weight before bringing one home.


It is seen that most people buy weighing machines without knowing about its significant features. So, it is important that you purchase the product that suits your need. Buying a product that comes with multiple features would cost you more. So, going for the right product which rightfully caters to your need would save your money.


When it comes to measuring weight or height, accuracy, and precision are everything. Check and re-check the accuracy and consistency parameters of the particular weighing machine that you want to buy. Imprecise and inconsistent measurements defeat the very purpose of investing in something that holds such enormous importance in our day to day health maintenance.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Is Healthsense a Chinese brand?

No, Healthsense is not a Chinese brand. It is an Indian brand. Its products are of supreme quality, along with advanced features.

2) Should I weigh myself regularly? 

Well, we don’t think weighing yourself on a regular basis would give you any motivation. On the contrary, it is going to demotivate you. Just imagine you’re following a particular workout plan and eating according to what your trainer has said. But if you are routinely weighing yourself and not seeing any visible results, then you would be disappointed.

So, it’s better if you weigh yourself once every fortnight. That way, you’ll be able to keep up with your goals. Weighing yourself regularly won’t make you lose weight but working hard does.

3) What is the warranty on the product?

The warranty on the product is one year. So, in other words, you don’t have to worry about the product giving up on you any time soon.

4) Digital Weighing Scale or Analogue weighing scale?

If you are looking for a long-lasting, durable product that comes with limited features, then go for an analog weighing scale. But for people who want advanced features like full-body analysis, wide LCD display, auto on/off, low battery indication, then go for a digital weighing scale.

The Analog weighing scale is traditional and was famous back in the days. Nowadays, people prefer digital weighing scales over traditional analog weighing scale because of its advanced features.

Concluding Words

Most people are struggling to maintain their weight. So, it’s important that you get yourself a weighing machine that comes with essential body composition readings. That way, you can have a better understanding of your body. Not only this, you can check your daily achievement as you pair your desired Weighing Scale with iOS and Android devices.

So, now you know how important it is to purchase a Weighing Machine. We hope this article was helpful. We have answered all your queries and provided you with a buying guide. If you have further questions, refer to that.

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