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Best Jewellery Weighing Scale (Digital ) In India for Gold & Diamond

Jewellery weighing scale is one of the valuable types of weighing scales available in the market. This scale has to offer the most accurate measurements while weighing. A Jewellery weighing scale is used specifically to weigh very expensive items in carat and gram increments.

These best Jewellery Weighing Scale are a customized form of digital weighing scales that weighs precious metals such as silver, gold, and other gemstones. Common forms of Jewellery scales comprise of compact balances, pocket scales, as well as portable precision balances.

Best Jewellery Weighing Scale

A Jewellery scale has become a necessity to weigh metals properly to determine their price in the market. This precise and certified form of a Jewellery scale is essential to ensure that the price for the product is in line with the current market price.

With the help of an uncalibrated form of a Jewellery scale, it can result in an incorrect outcome. With passing time, this can even result in a high loss or profit. Maintaining the scale assures its users of a reliable and accurate result all the time.

Selecting a good quality Jewellery scale as per your requirements is a daunting task. It requires consideration of a few important factors at the time of buying it. These are size of pan, readability, capacity, etc. It is very important for these scales to provide highly accurate measurements. It should be certified enough to meet your requirements as well.

List of highly recommended Jewellery scales

We are offering you a wide range of Jewellery scales along with their carat measurement. Below are mentioned some of the most recommended types of Jewellery scale products in the market.

#1 FreshDcart Mini Pocket Weight Scale Digital Jewellery

FreshDcart Mini Pocket Weight Scale Digital...

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  • Product Weight: 2.11 kgs
  • Model Number: LST-6-2
  • Type of Power Source: battery-powered
  • Type of display: These Jewellery scales have a large weighing surface. The bright LED display helps you see the text clearly.
  • The accuracy provided: 0. 01g
  • Automatic calibration
  • Counting function
  • Pan size is 0mm
  • Full range peeling
  • Available unit for conversions is an ounce, carat, grams, and pound.

High Precision is a popular brand that manufactures a trade approved and certified Jewellery scale. It is designed for purchasing as well as selling semi-precious and gold metals commercially. This weighing scale includes parts counting and percentage features for measuring any Jewellery piece in large numbers.

This intelligent digital electronic Jewellery scale is composed of single-chip microcomputers and high stability sensors. It solves the issues related to linearity and creeps caused due to a resistance-based strain sensor.

All four feet of this Jewellery weighing scale are adjustable. With remarkable functions of weight measurement, self- correction, counting, memory, and flawless display, this Jewellery scale is a great addition to your Jewellery store.

This utility product provides the benefits of quick stability, precise weighing, simple and complete operation. This makes it appropriate for quick determination of the quantity and quality of items in industrial, agricultural, commercial, and scientific researches.

#2 Smart High Precision Digital Weigh Scale

Smart Weigh Gem20 High Precision Digital Milligram Scale 20...

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  • Product Dimensions: 8 x 9.4 x 3.3 cm ;
  • Weight of the product: 118 g
  • Power supply: 2 AAA batteries are needed for its operation. These batteries are included in the system itself.
  • Product model no.: GEM20
  • Material Used: Plastic

It is best weighing machine for weighing Jewellery pieces, gemstones, and other valuable objects. This digital scale is an ideal device made for weighing jewels and small-sized precious objects like coins, Jewellery, gold, gemstones, silver, etc. It is designing to be a highly professional accuracy of around 0.001grams. This machine has got a very high capacity of around 20 grams.

You can get it in six different types of measurement modes as G, Dwt, Ozt, Gn, Ct, and Oz to meet the varying needs of people. This Jewellery weighing scale is highly versatile, portable, and compact in nature that offers high precision to its users.

It is a small-sized, conveniently designed, and compact machine that has the ability to perform accurate measurements. Some of its distinctive features include portability, a flip-open protective cover that safeguards the weighing platform along with a backlit LCD display pane. All these features make it quite easy to read.

#3 Venja Mini Electronic Digital Pocket Scale Jewellery Weighing Scale

VENJA (LABEL) Mini Electronic Digital Pocket Scale Jewellery...

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  • Accuracy Provided: 10 milligrams (i.e., 100th part of one gram)
  • Long battery backup that goes till four hundred hours in a single set of AA batteries
  • Part Number is sf400c
  • Use: This machine can be used in labs for high precision weighing for domestic as well as research purpose

This is a 500 grams x 0.01 grams superior quality Jewellery scale that can be your one-stop solution that solves issues related to high precision weighing. Whether it is grams of expensive Jewellery of a valuable metal, small uncut precious gemstones or medicines, all such products can easily be weighed efficiently using this machine.

Besides it, you can even use this expensive weighing machine for measuring the weight of chemicals as well as medicines. Its longer life, durability, and accurate measurement come with six months of replacement warranty.

All you need is to place the item on this weighing platform. With the simple press of a button, the user will see instant values on the large-sized high contrast LCD based display. With this digital weighing scale, you can quickly and easily measure gems, ingredients, medicine, Jewellery, and many more items with a weight range of up to 500grams.  

The smart, slim and intelligently designed digital pocket-based scale is designed to be accurate, strong, user-friendly, and quick. It consumes less power and its stainless-steel construction makes it highly durable.

#4 Digital Jewellery Weighing Scale in Multicolour

GLUN Digital Pocket Scale 0.01G To 200G For Kitchen...

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  • 2 AAA batteries needed
  • Item model number is 12345
  • Capacity is 200 Gm,
  • Divisions: 0.1 Gm
  • Display Type: backlit LCD display that makes it convenient to read

ZZ ZONEX Digital scale offers premium quality electronic scale machines that is designed with high-quality material along with sophisticated tolls that are made in supervision of skilled professionals.

Before being launched on the online market, this machine has been tested on several stages by its quality controllers, to meet the specified industrial norms. ZZ ZONEX Digital scale is very helpful in the measurement of weight in oz, g, and unit of precious metals such as silver, gold, platinum etc.

This device has got a flip-open lid and intuitive interface that safeguards its smooth, stainless-steel based weighing surface. It is designed to be extremely durable as well as compact for easy portability. Not just you can calculate the weight of any precious metal in small units like g, tl, oz, gn and ct, but also convert between these units instantly without any need to re-measure.

This scale is highly appreciated by jewelers. It is a perfect portable scale, convenient, easy to use, and versatile in nature. It has got a windshield that provides high accuracy that makes it ideal for a Jewelles. This weighing machine is specifically used for weighing of silver and gold ornaments like loose semi-precious stones, gold necklaces, and chains.

#5 Sevia Professional Jewellery Weighing Scale

Sevia Professional Jewellery Scale Digital Table Top Digital...

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  • Model number: EL-MH200
  • Capacity: 0.01 grams to 200g
  • Power supply: 1.5V x 2 AAA battery
  • Item dimensions: 10 cm x 10 cm x 17 cm;
  • Item Weight: 481 g
  • Display Type: LCD technology with backlit feature
  • Units: g, tl, oz, gn, and ct
  • Material: ABS engineering metal and plastic platform

Sevia digital scale is designed with advanced superior precision sensors that offer you refined precision of up to a large range of weight of 200grams with 0.01grams increments.  You will find five large-sized buttons (on/off, tare, units, pieces, and light) that makes it suitable and effective for industrial and commercial use.

A precise “tare” function resets the weight of an item on the measurement scale to 0. Other features of this device that make it unique and highly beneficial include: backlit display, quick unit conversion, over load indication, low battery and the automated switch off post thirty seconds of idle time. This makes this device power efficient.

Results are shown on its six digits LCD screen that makes it very convenient to read. This device performs on 1.5volts x 2 AAA batteries, along with an easy to access battery compartment.

Sevia premium weighing scale requires very less space on the desk. Its compact pocket size makes it easy to carry anywhere. Sevia introduces the multifunctional electronic pocket scale that is made to simplify the stones, precious Jewellery, and other valuable items.

List of Best Jewellery Weighing Scale

Frequently Asked Questions

1) How is Jewellery measured?

The units for measuring Jewellery are mainly carats, grams, or troy ounces. One carat measures to around 0.2 grams. Carats are usually used to measure gemstones like diamonds, emeralds, and rubies, etc. troy ounces measure to around 31.1 grams. Gold weight machines may use troy ounces to weigh precious stones.

2) How to find the carat weight of a gemstone?

First, measure the gemstone on a weighing scale whose demarcations are in grams. Then divide the value in grams by 0.2. This will give its weight in carat.

3) Is there any difference between carats and karats?

Carat defines weight, while karat defines purity. For example, 1 carat is usually 0.2 grams. But a karat measures the purity of the metal such as gold or other valuable metals. Softer metals are generally combined with harder metals. For example, softer metal like gold is mixed up with silver and copper to curve out Jewellery. The purity of gold is thus measured by karats, where 24 karats mark the highest purity level. Like this, if you have a ring which is 16 grams gold and 8 grams of silver, then you own a 16 karats ring. 

4) How to weigh Jewellery on a weighing scale?

Firstly, make sure that the scale is well calibrated and cleaned. Put the scale to zero. Now format the scale to either of the unit: grams or carats. Then place the Jewellery on the scale after the weight is shown record it. 

5) How are Jewellery scales calibrated?

Jewellery scales that are not calibrated can give wrong results. Over time this can result in losing track of your business. So having a balanced weighing machine can help in recording and maintaining the correct weight of the stones.

There are two types of calibrations: internal and external. Scales having internal calibrations can be arranged to determine scale adjustment many times a day. This can be done by pressing buttons and changing system configurations. But scales with external calibrations use approved calibration weights for measuring the value. They use those weights on one side of the scale and the Jewellery on the other side. Then the value is adjusted until both sides weigh the same. 

6) How to choose a Jewellery scale?

Choosing a Jewellery scale as per your requirement is indeed difficult. You need to consider the following:

  • Your intention to use the scale
  • The weighing capacity
  • The pan size and the readability

Choosing a product depends on your need. For example, if you have to travel for work, then a pocket-size portable digital scale should be your choice. If you have a gold business, then buy the best gold weighing machine in India. If you look for exact precise measurements, then have a scale that has reliable milligram calibration for exact measurement. 

7) What are the factors that determine the price of the Jewellery?

  • Color: Color of Jewellery has a significant relation with the cultural preference of a place. For example, green Jade has more domination in Eastern Asia over red Jade for a long time. 
  • Cut or Shape: The shape indicates the craftsmanship and quality. In spite of having bright colors, if the cut is not right, it can dull out the shine of the stone. The precision and size of the cut of the stone make it valuable. 
  • Clarity: More clarity, greater the value of the stone. It reflects the expertise of the artisan and increases the quality.
  • Weight: Alongside all these factors, the weight has an important role in determining the value of the Jewellery. The more the weight, the greater the price. 
  • Material: lastly, the material determines the price largely; that is whether your Jewellery is made of gold or silver or precious stone. 


For a jeweler, having a jewellery machine is immensely important. The selection of the right Jewellery scale that suits your requirements can be tough. Hope the knowledge about Jewellery scales and the features of different kinds of Jewellery scales will help you form the right decision.  


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