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Top 5 Light Weight Weighing Machine in India 2021

Fitness has become a major concern nowadays, weight being one of the major criteria. Measurement of body weight keeps one on a robust track. So, are you leading a healthy life? Are you fit enough? Check your body weight?

Hurry up! Go through the list of the best lightweight, portable weighing machines in India. Every user who is looking for some budget-friendly, lightweight weighing machines would effortlessly be capable of finding out the right one for themselves. This content would certainly be a great help for them, who are on a fitness scheme.

Top 5 Light Weight Weighing Machine in India

1) MCP Deluxe Mechanical Weighing Scale

MCP Deluxe Personal Weighing Scale upto 130 kgs capacity...

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The initial product on our list is the MCP analog weight machine. Being a mechanical one, it gives an accurate reading. It has a rustproof, non-slippery platform, and so you can cozily use it in any wet region.

The maximum capacity of this scale is 130 kilograms. The scale is clearly marked into divisions of 1kg each. You can undoubtedly go for this product and keep an accurate check on your weight while being seated at home.



  • Absence of Digital Alternative.

2) HealthSense Fitdays BS 171 Smart Bluetooth Body Weighing Scale

HealthSense Fitdays BS 171 Smart Bluetooth Body Weighing...

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HeathSense has been continuously striving to develop the best products in terms of durability, quality, affordability, and accuracy. This classy wavy designed product will definitely help you out in keeping track of your weight.

This accessible scale provides Step-on technology, which will give you quick, understandable results. 1year Warranty has been provided on manufacturing defects.


  • High accuracy G sensors.
  • Backlight and Huge LCD.
  • Sense-on automation.
  • Skid-repellent design.


  • No drawbacks of this product have been reported yet.

3) Venus EPS9999 Electronic Digital Weight Machine

Venus EPS 9999 Ultra Lite Personal Electronic Digital LCD...

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This product of Venus has a super fimsy design with high precision G-sensor and a sense of automation. It provides an LCD-Display, and the capacity of the weight range is 5kg to 180kgs.

It comes up with a high accuracy strain gauge sensor system. You can easily go for this product as it provides a one year warranty.


  • Super Diaphanous design.
  • Technological Sensation.
  • Liquid Crystal Display
  • Cost-effective.


  • Might show alterations in range of weight.

4) AGARO WS502 Digital Weighing Scale

Agaro Electronic Personal Scale_WS502 & AG Digital...

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AGARO Digital Weighing Scale has primarily been designed for personal usage with a user-convenient interface and high precision measurement. It also provides an “auto-on” function, which sets on once stepped on the scale.

This product has a maximum weight range capacity of 150kgs. A gradual increment of 100g/0-2lb/0-01st is provided by the scale. Two AAA Battery and One main unit are also included.


  • Auto-on automation provided.
  • Four High accuracy sensors.
  • Gradual increment of 100g/0-2lb/0-01st is provided.
  • Skid-repellent.


  • No specific warranty period is provided.

5) VENUS Electronic Digital LCD Weight Machine

Venus Personal Electronic Digital LCD Weight Machine Body...

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This product provides a high accuracy gauge sensor function with a tempered glass of 6mm, a capacity of 300mmX300mm. It also provides an LCD display of 82x45mm and comes up with low indicated battery CR2032.

You can readily go for this super flimsy weight scale. Neither less to say, with its compact design, the Venus electronic weighing machine is very portable. In other words, you can carry the same, wherever you want.


  • Cost-effective.
  • Backlight provided along with Liquid crystal display.
  • Presence of unit conversion function (kg,lb,st)
  • High accuracy G sensor.


  • Only three months Warranty provided.

Buying Guide for Best Lightweight Weighing Scale

Are you confused about choosing the right lightweight weighing machine for yourself? Then, follow these guidelines. This guide may help you out. Here, we will be providing you with some tips which might help you out in picking up the right one.

Fidelity Check

While buying a weighing machine, the first thing you need to check is the device’s fidelity. You should make sure that the fidelity of the machine is reliable enough. Also, check whether you can easily calibrate the machine or not. By checking all these options, you can ensure with ease whether the product is of your choice or not.

Checking of the Weight Range

Another thing to check for is the capacity of the weighing machine. Generally, lightweight measuring scales come in a range between 150-180kgs. Go for that one which fulfills your requirements. Since, the idea of maximum weight is completely subjective, it’s very important that you make your purchase likewise.

Price and Warranty check

Budget is the prime factor for buying anything and the warranty period is another crucial factor to keep in mind while purchasing any product. Weighing machines are not exceptional in terms of budget and Warranty. Plenty of products are available with various budget ranges and warranty periods. Choose the one which falls under your estimated account, along with a longer warranty time.

Brand Value check

There are a variety of brands sold out in the market. The best brand selection would satisfy you in obtaining the best one in terms of precision, weight range, budget, and quality. So, avoid the cheaper brands and go for the authentic ones.

Checking the Durability

Finally, you should make sure that though you are searching for a lightweight weighing machine, the product’s build quality should be efficient enough to give proper payback to your money. The device should be firm and long-lasting enough. Keeping these in mind, you can choose the best out of many without any confusion.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Are weighing machines accurate?

No weighing machine can give 100% precision, but, nowadays, many weighing machines, especially the best ones, use advanced technology and hence, give quite a precise measurement.

2) Is there any error percentage of weighing machines?

Every device has a few percentages of error, but the error percentage varies from device to device. The rate of error also depends upon the quality of the device. The best tools also have error but, in a minimum percentage, nearly about a few 100gms.

3) Does the surface have any effect on measurement?

Yes, Surface does affect measurement accuracy. Therefore, it is advised to place the device on a firm surface. You can set the device on the floor. On an unstable Surface, the device might show faulty readings.

4) Does digital weight machine work better than analog devices?

Of course, Digital devices show more precise reading than analog ones. It also keeps a document of the measurements and helps you keep track of your fitness improvement.

Concluding Words

People nowadays are well concerned about their health. As a result, fitness clubs, gyms are emerging at a considerable pace. Yet, some people cannot manage time to go to the gym because of their strict work schedule but want to track their body weight measurement and follow diet accordingly.

The guide is for these people who search for household lightweight weighing machines. We hope, this article would help you in choosing the right lightweight weighing machine for yourself.

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