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Best Luggage (Hanging) Weighing Scale in India 2021

Weighing Scale Digital Heavy Duty Portable

If you travel a lot then you would understand the value of every extra Kg in your baggage. Each extra Kg can cost you hundreds of Rs while you are traveling in an airplane. Airlines leave heavy charges on the passengers who exceed the weight limit. In such a case, it is certainly important to weigh your bag before you leave for the airport.

Best Luggage Weighing Scale

Today, there are many portable weighing scales available in the market and it can be a difficult task to find the right one. So, to get the best luggage weighing machine for yourself, there are certain criteria that you must consider while buying a weighing scale.

Here is a short buying guide for the same.

Best Luggage Weighing Machine Online in India 2019

1. Bulfyss Electronic 50Kgs Digital Luggage Scale

Bulfyss Electronic 50Kgs Digital Luggage Weighing Scale (1...

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This weighing scale has a capacity of 50 Kg and it is made of high-quality abs material. It also comes come with an automatic reading hold feature which is certainly beneficial while you are lifting heavy luggage. The scale works on 2 AAA batteries which can last really long.

You can also change the unit of the display with help of the small button on the scale.

  • Sturdy stainless steel handle 
  • It’s simple for operating
  • It features a backlight which proves to be useful during nights
  • Comes with various display modes, including Kg, Lbs, and Oz
  • It is a bit expensive than usual

2. Zollyss Portable Digital 50 Kg Weighing Scale

Zollyss Portable Digital 50 Kg Weighing Scale with Metal...

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Next on our list is a weighing scale from Zollyss and this weighing scale has a total capacity of 40 Kg. in addition to this, you could measure the minimum weight of 10 grams with help of this weighing scale.

Overall, this is a very durable as well as an affordable product available to you.

  • Proves to be useful for home, travel, and outdoor activities
  • It features automatic reading 
  • Equipped with large LCD display and backup light
  • It has tare function steel hook
  • Nothing so far

3. Saysha 50 kg Digital Weighing Scale

SAYSHA 50 kg Hook Type Digital Weighing Scale Portable...

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If you want a weighing scale with a really strong grip then this is the end of your search.

The grip of the weighing scale is strong as well as comfortable which make it really easy to lift luggage. The total capacity of the weighing scale is 50 Kg and it comes with a nice belt which makes it further easy to lift the luggage.

  • This device runs on two AAA batteries
  • It has a plastic body
  • Can weigh up to 50 kg
  • Supports multiple weighing units 
  • It’s look is not that attractive

4. Factorydirectpro Hand Gripped Portable Weighing Scale

MCP Steel Luggage Scale (Assorted)

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This is another weighing scale with a capacity of 50 Kg. The weighing scale uses a series of a strain gauge which is combined in a load cell so as to measure the weight of the luggage. In addition to this, the device is very portable which makes it easy for you to carry the device while you are on a holiday.

  • It has a sturdy stainless steel handle
  • Anyone can operate this device
  • It has a unique design
  • The hook is of 4 cm in diameter
  • The scale comes without any belts

5. GLUN Bolt Portable Luggage Weighing Scale

GLUN Bolt Electronic Portable Fishing Hook Type Digital LED...

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Next, we have a weighing scale from GLUN and his weighing scales come in a very attractive and sleek look. In addition to this, the weighing scale has an LCD display which is high in contrast and hence easy to read. If you concerned about the capacity of the weighing scale then do not worry as you can weigh luggage of up to 50 Kg with help of the scale.

Another amazing feature of the luggage scale is that it comes with an indicator that makes a sound if the scale is overloaded and hence it helps you in preventing any damage to the equipment.

  • This is a heavy-duty weighing scale
  • It is equipped with a gauge sensor system
  • Suitable for family and travel
  • It has a compact design with lightweight
  • A little expensive 

6. 50Kg Portable Electronic Digital Weighing Scale

On Gate 50Kg Portable Electronic Digital Weighing Hanging...

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This weighing scale is marketed by On-Gate and just like other weighing scales on our list, the capacity of this one is also 50 Kg. talking about the error, the scale has an error rating of ± 0.02 lb. The handle of the weighing scale is retractable and hence you would be able to carry the weighing scale easily.

  • Can weigh up to 50 kgs
  • Suitable for home and travel
  • It has tare function steel hook
  • Equipped with automatic reading hold
  • Nothing so far

7. Weighing Scale Digital Heavy Duty

House Of Quirk 50Kg Portable Handheld Electronic Digital Lcd...

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This is yet another weighing scale with a good grip. The grip of the weighing scale is strong and solid. In addition to this, the wide grip enables you to measure the weight of the luggage without hurting your fingers. The capacity of the weighing scale is also 50 Kg.

  • Heavy-duty weighing scale
  • Equipped with a gauge sensor system
  • Excellent design for a firm hand grip
  • Features LCD display with backlight
  • Not at all

8. 45kg Digital Kitchen Weighing Scale

45 kg Digital Kitchen Weighing Scale / Luggage

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This weighing scale is quite a common one and the weighing scale can be used for multiple purposes.

You can measure the weight of your luggage or you can also measure the weight of the LPG cylinder delivered to you. Both the ways, you will end up saving the money. The weighing scale has a hook on the top and hence you can hang it somewhere during use.

  • Features sealed calibration of the scale 
  • It has an LCD display
  • Its design is beautiful
  • This device is very lightweight which is of only 100 grams
  • Nothing so far

9. GoTrippin Metal Luggage Weighing Scale Digital

GoTrippin Metal Luggage Weighing Scale Digital (Silver_ELS)

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GoTrippin Portable weighing scale has a capacity of 50 Kg and in addition to this, the weighing scale gives you a sound indication when the weight of the luggage has been measured. Once it is done, you can drop the luggage and check the weight recorded by the scale.

This feature certainly makes it very easy to measure the weight accurately as you do not have to hold the luggage up in the air while measuring the weight.

  • Offers precise weighting of accuracy which is of 5 grams
  • Features LCD display
  • Auto shut off power after 90 seconds of inactivity
  • The indicator makes a sound when the item weight is removed
  • Nothing at all

Use of Portable Weighing Scale for Luggage  

Are you still in two minds whether to buy a luggage weighing scale or not? Then here are some of the usages of these hanging scales. We hope that it will be easier for you to decide after going through this list of utilities.  

1) A sense of Relief  

A prevalent scene in the airports would be the long queues at the luggage weighing section. If you travel a lot, then you will know that every airline has a permissible weight allowance for luggage. And if you cross the limit, they charge a sky-high price for that.

Now think, if you can weigh your luggage while packing at home beforehand, then you will be able to save so much time and money at the same time.  

2) Portability  

Although these devices are designed to weigh heavy luggage, they come in a very compact and lightweight structure. It makes them very easily portable. So, you can take them along with you anywhere.

Just find a small space inside your luggage while going on a trip. It is a widespread phenomenon that we start for a trip with certain luggage, but while returning, the size and weight of our luggage increase exponentially after all the shopping we do on a trip. So, this scale will always remind you to stay in the limits as you will not want to exceed the weighing limits of the luggage at the airport while returning.  

3) Affordable  

Luggage scales are not something that will rob your money while purchasing. In fact, they come at a very reasonable and affordable price. You can easily get your hands on the best weighing machine for luggage India within a small amount of money.  

4) Accuracy  

Accuracy is a vital feature of any weighing scale. In this case, the digital luggage weighing scales stay ahead of the analog ones in terms of accuracy, better readability. They even offer some extra features apart from weighing, like temperature reading. All the best luggage weighing scales available in the market will provide you with a bunch of these features with a commendable accurate performance. 

Types of weighing scales 

The most common types of weighing scales that have widespread usage all over the world are analog and digital ones. There are a few fundamental differences between these two types. Here are some of them.  

  • The Analog 

Analog scales do not need batteries to operate. So, there is no extra cost or worry about downloading. Plus, the hooks or the closing strips in the analog machine are lower for weighing luggage bags. 

  • The Digital  

The digital scales have better accuracy at any point in time than the analog ones. Moreover, these devices weigh less. The digital scales run on energy. They have a weighing capacity of up to 50 kgs with an error margin of 10 gm to 100 gm. These machines incorporate upper hooks for more comfortable weighing.  

Process of the Luggage Weighing 

The luggage weighing scales are designed with hooks and straps. You need to hang the luggage from the hooks or attach the straps with the handles of the travel bag. Make sure that the bags are not touching the ground at any part. This will hinder you from getting the actual weight.

Just weight for a few seconds and the display will show you the accurate reading.  

How to install the scale? 

There are many different types of scales with different sizes and weighing capacity to serve for various purposes. Some of them need to be placed on the floor, while some others need to be placed on tabletops. But for the hanging weighing scales, they need to be hung at a certain height from the floor so that the luggage or any goods that you want to weigh can hang from them without touching the floor. 

Buying Guide for Luggage Weighing Scale

Capacity–This is one of the most important factors while buying the weighing scale for the luggage. Always try and buy a weighing scale which has a capacity of 45 to 50 Kg. if you are buying a lower capacity weighing scale then it could be a problem for you when you are traveling for a long duration of the time.

Accuracy– Accuracy is another important factor to look for. Most of the weighing scale would give you the details of the anticipated error. This ranges around ±01 lbs. In addition to this, do not consider anything apart from the digital weighing scale. The digital weighing scale makes it easy to read the accurate reading.

Stable Weighing Mechanism– Some of the weighing scales comes with a feature that measures and locks the reading on the screen once it is stable. Having this feature is always an advantage as you get to see the readings easily and accurately.

Auto Shut– Now this is a really common feature. You can expect this feature in almost every weighing scale available in the market. This feature basically turns off the weighing scale after 10 to 20 seconds and hence it saves the battery.

Grip and Hook– Do consider the quality of grip and the hook of the weighing scale. You certainly do not want the grip or the hook to break while you are lifting the heavy luggage hence this is another such important factor. You can also check out the reviews of the product to get an idea about the quality of the product.

These are the factors that you must consider while buying a luggage weighing scale. In addition to this, if you are still not able to decide which weighing scale is good then you can leave the task on us as we have compiled a perfect list of the best luggage weighing scales in the market.


These are some of the best-selling weighing scales and you can purchase them without any doubt about the quality of the weighing scale.


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