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Best Pet Weighing Scale / Machine in India for Dog, Cat & Other Pets

Pet scales are one of the most useful accessories for pet owners. Regardless of the kind of pet you have, the weighing scale for a pet can be extremely useful for you for checking the health and proper growth of your pet. By choosing the best pet weighing scale for yourself, you can easily have good care of your pets by feeding them a balanced diet and keeping an eye on their growth.

So, if you have a pet and are looking for giving the best care and growth, then you should buy a good quality pet weighing scale for yourself.


In this article, we will talk about the things that you need to know about the pet weighing scales as a buyer, the factors you should consider while buying them for your pets. And most importantly, we will discuss the five most reliable and most efficient pet scales available in India that you can buy now for your pets, and let them have the care that they deserve.

Top 5 pet weighing scales in India

If you were searching for the best weighing scale for yourself and aren’t sure that which product will be a good buy, then here we are listing the five best pet weighing scale that you can currently buy in India. We have reviewed all of them on the various important factors like the accuracy, power usage, usability, and reliability. So, go through them, and whether you are looking for a Dog Weighing Scale, or a  cat Weighing Scale, you can easily find a perfect one for yourself from the below-mentioned product’s list.

#1 Multifunction Digital Pet scale by Elecwerd


The first one in the list is this amazingly designed pet scale from VKTECH that not only is easy to use but has a brilliant capacity of 150KG that is more than enough for almost any of your pet. Moreover, the platform is brilliantly designed and durable enough to measure an adult dog with ease. The rectangular platform (26.8x16x2.7cm) makes it an ideal buy for the owners of the hyperactive pets. The scale is powered by 2 AAA cells that make it extremely affordable to use.

So, if you were looking for an easy to use and efficient pet scale that can easily be used for any of your pets, then this one from VKTECH would be an ideal buy for you.

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#2 Multi-Function Digital Pet Scale from TeaTime

For the buyers who are willing to buy a perfect pet scale for their home, the TeaTime weighing scale for pets would be an ideal buy. Along with the great design and reliable measurements, there are numerous other features that make it an ideal buy for the pet owners. Having the dimensions of 25x30cm, this is an ideal product for both cats and dogs. Along with the weight, the scale also lets the buyers measure the overall length of the pets by the small scale at both the ends of the weighing scale.

You can easily weigh your pets at the precision of 10gm, which is a great figure for the weighing scale of this size. So, for all the pet owners who are looking for a perfect scale for household purposes, this scale from TeaTime is a worthy buy.

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#3 Ultrascale Mbsc Ultra U2

For the buyers who were looking for a compact and easy to use pet weighing scale for their home, the Ultrascale MBSC Ultra U2 would be an ideal choice. This brilliantly designed weighing scale from My Weigh is a perfect product for weighing the babies and the pets and the blue back-lit digital display make it an ideal product for those who are looking for a great performance. You can use the weighing scale to weigh your pet of up to 27kg of weight, and the compact dimensions of 21x24x6cm make it an extremely compact and easy to use weighing scale for home.

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#4 Kazetec Pet Scale, Baby Scale, Multi-Function Digital Scale Measure

IF you were looking forward to buy a perfect weighing scale that not only looks great but has great features, the Kazetec Pet scale would be an ideal buy for you. The scale can efficiently measure the weight up to 100 KG and a length of 70 cm with the accuracy of 10g. The oval-shaped platform (13.58*2.56*11.02 inches) is big enough for the buyers with larger pets.

Blue backlit display makes it an ideal buy for the buyers who are willing to buy a weighing scale with easy to read display. In all, even if you have larger and healthier puppies and cats, you can easily use it to measure them accurately.

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#5 PAXMAX Electronic Digital Baby Infant Pet Bathroom Weighing Scale

If you were looking for a simple and easy to use a weighing scale for your pets, the PAXMAX weighing scale would be an ideal choice for you. With a weighing capacity of 20KG, this is an ideal buy for the pet owners witch babies and small pets. The Tare function and high precision sensors make it an ideal buy for the buyers who are looking for perfect accuracy and reliability. Also Check  Best Baby Weighing Machine India

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Pet Scale Buying Guide

First of all, let’s talk about the points that you must consider while purchasing a pet weighing scale for your home. These points may look simple and obvious to some readers, but believe us, they play an extremely important role while buying a perfect pet weighing scale. So, go through them, and keep them in mind to get the best pet scale for your home.

  • Platform Size

The first thing that you should keep in mind while purchasing a new pet weighing scale is the size of the platform. Make sure that it is big and comfortable enough to place your pet in it. BY choosing a bigger and comfortable platform, you can be assured of getting the best measurement as the pet will be more comfortable in it. So, make sure to pay attention to the size of the platform while buying a new pet weighing scale.

  • Brand

Brand name plays an important role in buying a new pet weighing scale. By relying on a good brand, you can be assured of getting the most reliable and accurate measurement along with being assured of getting the best build quality and value for money. Along with this, there are several other benefits that you can only avail by choosing a weighing scale from a renowned brand that has a good reputation among the buyers.

  • Usability

Another important thing helps you buy a perfect pet weighing scale for your pets is usability. Make sure that the pet scale you are planning to buy is easy to use and has the functions that are useful to get a perfect measurement and information about your pets.

  • Features

Make sure to have a deeper look at the features-set that the pet scale is providing to you. By purchasing a feature-rich weighing scale you can be assured of buying a great value for money product for yourself that can help you take a good care of your pets.

These were the most important things that must be considered while purchasing a new pet scale. These points will not only help you buy the best scale for your pet but will also help you to take a good care of them according to their age and weight.

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