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Best Kitchen Weighing Scale in India 2021 – Food Weighing Scales

ZAAP EATSMART Kitchen - weighing scale IPX7 Waterproof rated

Weighing machines in Kitchen are great to have if you are following a diet or if you love to cook. They can help you in quantifying the nutrition or they can help you in measuring the ingredients as per the recipe. However, the scales that are used in the kitchen needs to be highly accurate. For that purpose, it is preferable to buy a digital weighing machine for the kitchen.

If you are planning to buy a weighing scale for your kitchen then you must go through the buying guide below before you make your purchase. Let’s have a look at some of the best Food Weighing Scales.

Best Kitchen Weighing Scale

Best Buy Kitchen Weighing Machine in India 2021

So, here is the list.

1. Generic Kitchen Digital Weighing Scale

Black Olive Electronic Kitchen Digital Weighing Scale,...

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This is a generic weighing scale that uses a strain gauge system to measure the weight of the ingredients. The weighing scale comes with a Tare Feature and it also has modes for changing the units. In addition to this, the maximum capacity of this weighing scale is 10 Kg and you can measure a minimum of 1 Gram with this Weighing Scale. This is Best Kitchen Weighing Scale India.

The weighing scale is durable and quite user-friendly.

  • Ensures accurate weighing even in high humidity 
  • Made up of stainless steel
  • Easy to clean
  • Durable
  • Affordable price
  • Measuring capacity of 10 Kg

2. HealthSense Digital Kitchen Weighing Scale

HealthSense Chef-Mate KS 40 Digital Kitchen Weighing Scale &...

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Health Sense manufactures really attractive looking weighing scale and the maximum capacity of this weighing scale is 5 Kg. In addition to this, it is made of high-quality material that doesn’t cause any toxicity in the food. Apart from this, the weighing scale has a button to change the unit and you also get tare feature as a standard function on the weighing scale.

The unit function enables you to switch between Oz, Grams, ml, and lbs. Another advantage of the weighing scale is that the display of this weighing scale is illuminated with blue backlight. The scale comes with 1 year of warranty. Yet another Best Kitchen Weighing Scale.

  • High-quality build
  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight
  • Value for money
  • Easy to clean and store
  • It can measure up to 10 Kg 
  • Not chargeable

3. Ionix Digital Kitchen Scale

Ionix Weight Machine | Weighing scale, Digital Weight...

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If you are looking for a weighing scale that comes with a bowl then this is the one for you. The weighing scale comes with a large glass bowl which makes it easy for you to measure the ingredients and in addition to this, the capacity of this weighing scale is 7 Kg.

The display of the weighing scale is also very bright as it is illuminated with a green light. Lastly, the unit function offers measurement in gram, Lbs, Kg,and Oz.

  • LCD display
  • Auto switch-off function
  • Overload indication
  • Consumes low batter
  • Very much affordable to buy
  • Not durable enough

4. Glun Multipurpose Portable Electronic Digital Weighing Scale

Glun Multipurpose Portable Electronic Digital Weighing Scale...

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Next on our list is a weighing scale from Glun. The weighing scale has a 10 Kg capacity which is certainly enough to measure any type of thing in the kitchen. In addition to this, the weighing scale has the usual function of Tare and Mode. The mode function lets you toggle between the gram and the oz. units. This is Kitchen Weighing Scale Upto 5 Kg.

This weighing scale also comes with 1 year’s warranty.

  • Durable for daily use
  • Tare function 
  • Consumes low power
  • Automatic power-off function
  • Built is attractive
  • Reading fluctuation issue

5. Dr Trust (USA) Electronic Kitchen Digital Scale

Dr Trust (USA) Electronic Kitchen Digital Scale Weighing...

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If you are looking for a waterproof scale then this is the one for you. The weighing scale can be washed as it is waterproof and hence you would not have to worry about any contamination. The scale uses a blue LCD with red display and it is certainly the best weighing scale available in the market. One of the best Weighing Scales For Food.

The weighing scale also uses four sensors to give you an accurate reading. The manufacturer offers a one-year warranty on this weighing scale.

  • Waterproof
  • Fingerprint resistant
  • Easy to clean and wash
  • High precision sensors
  • Digital LCD
  • Expensive

6. RYLAN Electronic Digital Kitchen Scale

RYLAN Electronic Digital Kitchen Scale, Kitchen Scale...

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This is another popular weighing scale for the kitchen from Rylan. The total capacity of the weighing scale is 5 KG and it is coated with an anti-fingerprint coating so as to give you a nice finish.

This coating also makes it easy to lean and the weighing scale has a purple illuminated screen that displays the font in white color. The weighing scale also has 1-year warranty on it.

  • Easy to read the LCD display
  • Multiple weighing modes
  • Multifunction scale
  • Automatic shutdown function
  • Can only measure up to 5 Kg

7. RYLAN Electronic Digital Kitchen Weighing

RYLAN Electronic Digital Kitchen Scale, Kitchen Scale...

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Next on our list is a weighing scale that has been engineered in Germany and just like another weighing scale, this product also has a tare function. Apart from this, you can switch modes to measure in different units as well.

The weighing scale is splash-proof and hence you do not have to worry about any spillage. Another feature of this weighing scale is that it automatically locks the reading once the weight is stable.

  • Splash-proof
  • Weighs food, water, and milk
  • Tare function
  • Has a volume indicator function
  • Auto power option
  • Smooth design
  • A bit pricy
  • Built quality doesn’t look sturdy

8. Simxen Electronic Digital Kitchen Weight Scale

Simxen Electronic Digital 10 Kg Weight Scale Kitchen Weight...

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Simxen digital scale is a perfect kitchen scale that not only looks great but also has a set of useful functions like the tare function and large LCD panel. This kitchen scale from Simxen elegant design along with efficient and accurate weight measurement. You can use this compact kitchen scale to measure up to 5kg of weight, which makes it a great product for the home kitchen.

Also, the amazing 2-year warranty makes it a worthy buy for the buyers who were looking forward to buying a long-term weighing scale for their kitchen.

  • Compact design
  • Has a large LCD panel
  • Build quality is sturdy and durable
  • Long time standby
  • Reading fluctuation problem

9. Equal Digital Kitchen Weighing Scale

MEDITIVE Digital Kitchen Weighing Scale with White Backlight...

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For the buyers who are living in a big family and want to have a kitchen scale that can easily be used to measure the higher quantity of the ingredients, the Equal Digital Kitchen Weighing Scale would be a great buy. With the efficient measuring and durable body, this is one of the most durable and easy to use kitchen scale in this range.

With 25kg of weighing capacity, this is a perfect buy for the buyers looking to buy a kitchen scale for a larger family or big family get-together.


10. Mcp Digital Kitchen Scale

MCP Kitchen ABS Weighing Scale (10 kg Capacity)

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If you were looking for a compact, efficient, and great looking kitchen scale that can efficiently measure all your ingredients for the surprise recipe, the Mcp Digital Kitchen Scale would be an ideal buy. Although it doesn’t come with a measuring bowl, you can use the tare function to compensate for it.

In other words, the Mcp Digital Kitchen Scale is an ideal buy for the buyers who are having a smaller kitchen or fewer needs.

List of Best Kitchen Weighing Scale

Buying Guide for Kitchen Weighing Scale

Size of Platform–While you are choosing a kitchen weighing scale, remember to buy the one with a large weighing platform. This will help you in measuring the weight of the ingredients even when the container or the bowl has a large base. It is one of the most important features that you must look for in a weighing scale.

The capacity of Scale– Capacity of scale is also very important and most of the scale has a standard capacity of 5Kg. If you think that this is not sufficient for you then you can also buy a weighing scale with 10 Kg of capacity.

Functions– There are two important functions to look for while buying a weighing scale. One of them is the Tare function which basically reset the scale to 0. This helps you in weighing the ingredients in a bowl. The second feature to look for is the continued measurement system.

This will save you from a lot of frustration while cooking as this feature gives you the weight of ingredients in real-time so that you can adjust the quantity as per requirement.

Unit– Most of the weighing scale would let you measure the quantity of the ingredients in two different units and that certainly works to an advantage while you are referring two different cookbooks that may have the weight of ingredients mentioned in non-standard units,=.

Fluid Measurement– This is hard to find feature but having his feature can ease your job. It should be noted that you can measure the liquids with the same density as that of water on the regular weighing scale but you need this feature to measure liquids like honey and oil.

Screen– Opt for a weighing scale that has a good screen. There is no point in buying a scale that has a barely readable screen. Some of the weighing scales also offer backlight illumination.

Compact–The weighing scale in the kitchen should be compact but at the same time, it should have a wide, non-slippery base. This must be taken care of while buying a weighing scale

Water Proof –Now, you can clean most of the weighing scale with a damp cloth but if you are a fan of hygiene then you can buy a weight scale that I waterproof as it can offer you a much better cleaning of the weighing scale.

If you consider these features then you will surely be able to choose the right kitchen scale for yourself. In addition to this, if you are still confused about which scale to purchase then here is a list of kitchen weighing scales that you can consider for your kitchen.

Do’s and Don’ts of Using a Weighing Machine  

You should follow a certain number of precautions while using the best food weighing scale in India<span style=”font-weight: 400;”> to get the device’s best use for a long period.

  • Avoid airflow  

It is important to have all the fans switched off mode while weighing goods on your kitchen scale as it can affect your measurements. The present airflow can increase the weight of the things you are weighing.  

  • Avoid any exposure to direct sunlight or magnets  

Temperature and air pressure can affect the weight of any item. Direct sunlight can thus change the weight by tampering with the temperature and air pressure of any place. Again, if you have placed the weighing machine around any magnetic field, the magnet’s power can also influence the weighing scale in producing faulty measurements.   

  • Keep it on a flat surface  

Any kind of weighing machine should always be placed on a hard and flat surface. The earth’s gravitational force determines the weight of any good. So, if you keep the machine on a tilted surface, the weight will differ as the center of gravity will be changed then. Furthermore, make sure the machine is not moving or vibrating in its place.   

  • Do not attempt any repair   

These weighing machines have a very subtle mechanism. So, you should never try to repair or modify your machine on your own. If your device starts misbehaving, always contact any mechanic or the manufacturers of the device. Do not attempt to do anything with it as that will damage your scale.   

  • Take extra care for the electric weighing machines  

There are weighing scales that run either on electricity or batteries. The electricity operated machines need extra care. You should always switch off the device after every use and keep your children away from it. Roll the wires properly so that they do not tear off or leak current.  

Limitations of Weighing Scales  

  • Weighing limit  

The weighing scales come with a very small weighing range capacity. The maximum weighing capacity of these kitchen weighing machines is very low compared to the other types of weighing scales. You can find the most common kitchen weighing scales up to 5 kg of maximum weighing limit. If you exceed the maximum weight capacity, the machine might breakdown. It is better to weigh in small portions of the goods in this case.   

  • Easily affected by the environment   

 As we said earlier, these machines get very easily influenced by the environment around them. These small weighing scales are very sensitive to temperature, air pressure, etc. Hence, you should better place the device away from magnets, direct sunlight, or heavy airflow, etc. So many conditions make the measuring process very complicated.  

  • Obsession over numbers   

 Although having these devices can make your life a lot easier and better, but weighing everything you consume or buy should not become your obsession. If you are following a planned diet, then it will help you in every step. But making it a necessity of your life will be a sickening thing to do. It will rather affect your health negatively. So, you must beware of that.


These are some of the best-selling kitchen scale available in the Indian market. You can purchase them from the nearest retailer or you can check out the online retailers for getting a discount that no one can match.


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