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Dr. Trust Smart Weighing Machine with Body Composition and Fat Analyzer

Are you the kind of person who does not want to compromise with your health and fitness goals? You must also know that just being aware of your body weight is not enough to maintain your fitness. You need to stay updated about your Body Mass Index (BMI), which is calculated based on your height, age, and gender.

Besides this, we also need to know our body fat composition, muscle mass, bone mass, etc. to achieve ideal fitness. In the market, there are many types of body weighing machines are available with various features.

Nowadays, digital electronic weighing machines are available to us. Digital electronic weighing machines ensure better duty cycles with higher accuracy than analog weighing machines within a brief time.

Dr. Trust 509 Scale 2.0 Smart Weighing Machine

Dr Trust (USA) Digital Smart Electronic Rechargeable...

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This super product is marketed and distributed by an exceptionally incomparable brand Dr. Trust. Dr. Trust has introduced this gadget with many unique features at a very affordable price. This product proves worth for money.

Health professionals trust this, home users, doctors and is prepared for everyone. It can measure 18 crucial body metrics and has many unique features discussed below in detail. This also uses sensor technology to showroom temperature in degrees Celsius.

Salient Features of Trust Smart Weighing Machine


Eighteen significant body parameters are measured by this product are Body weight, BMI, BMR, BFR, basal metabolism, muscle mass, visceral fat, bone mass, subcutaneous fat, body age, muscle weight, body fat, protein rate, fat-free weight, skeletal muscle, body water. Its maximum capacity is 180 kg.

This product is ideal for a doctor’s clinic or chambers. It can also be your personal, friendly, detailed body composition analyzer. Its battery is rechargeable and able to work with very little power consumption.


By looks, it is equipped with a rigid single tempered glass, which gives it the most aesthetic, stylish, and ultra-sleek look. This has round-shaped corner finishing, which makes it safe while using at home. Its lightweight makes its portability very easy.


It has LCD large display screen panel which can show reading without connecting it to your smartphone. So, with or without a smartphone, you can still use the product.


Its area is 302mm * 240mm. And its thickness is 2mm. This product is of 1.36 kg weight. The overall dimension of the weighing scale makes it very portable as well.


It gives a 1-year full warranty. So, under one if anything goes wrong, you can always get a replacement for the same. So, what you waiting for?


It uses 4 High Precision Sensors technology, which ensures the reading up to 2 decimal digits accuracy. In other words, Dr. Trust weighing scale can get as accurate as possible for a better reading.


It can also be connected to your smartphone by an app via Bluetooth connectivity without any hassle. The mobile app is compatible with both IOS and Android. So, when it comes to connectivity, there’s a ton of flexibility on the table as well.

  • Its ability to measure 18 different crucial parameters.
  • It has a rechargeable battery.
  • Its 4 High Precisions to give the reading of the highest accuracy.
  • It’s Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Its compatibility with Android and IOS.
  • Its low power consumption.
  • Its ultra-sleek design.
  • It can measure underweight peoples.
  • It can also measure obese, heavy, or overweight peoples without any hassle
  • Auto-Off/On technology. 
  • It does not give a doorstep warranty.

Frequently Asked Question

1) How can I compare its body statistics data? Is there any reference chart or mentioned anywhere in the machine?

Yes. It is given in the manual that comes with the shipment package. You can also look over the internet for better referencing as well. No, matter what you choose, you can always find the right data for your

2) How much time does it take to charge fully for 1st time?

Half an hour to one hour. After that, you can always use the device accordingly. It is only the first time that’s going to take a considerable time to charge.

3) Can it sync data with MI Fit App?

Yes, it can. In fact, Dr. Trust offers an easy integration with the majority of the smartphone fitness apps.

Final Verdict

There are many companies available in the market advertising their products with some unique properties at different prices. But you should never be driven by their price ranges. First, you need to enlist all of your requirements. Then search through the products according to your requirements.

While searching through the products, you should also need to keep in mind about its reputation and customer reviews about the companies.

Dr. Trust is one of those companies that packs some of the latest updated technologies within their weighing machines. If you are someone who is inclined towards getting the right bank for your buck, this is just the one to for. Once you get everything right, you are always good to go.

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