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Hesley Weighing Machine for Home-Scale HSB-1 Review

Why do you need a weighing machine for our home and personal use? Why is our weight such a significant parameter for achieving and maintaining a healthy body? According to some modern research, it is clearly proven that our body weight and fat level tend to increase as we age.

And this extremely increasing level of fat and weight further causes severe health diseases like Hypertension (or high blood pressure), Diabetes, Cholesterol, etc. Taking healthy diets and doing exercises randomly without monitoring our weight at regular time intervals is a waste of time. It became a crucial step for a fitness builder to keep tabs on their weight properly at various intervals of time.

Hesley Weighing Machine HSB-1 Review

Hesley advanced Step on Technology HSB-1 Weighing Machine is an ideal gadget for every overweight, underweight, or any health enthusiast. For any health-conscious person who takes a balanced diet and never wants to compromise with their health, keeping records of their weight after various time periods is crucial. It must be needed to achieve their desired fitness.

Hesley advanced Step on Technology HSB-1 Weighing Machine

Hesley Weighing Machine for home Scale with advanced Step on...

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Hesley advanced Step on Technology HSB-1 Home-body scale machine is an ideal machine for personal use for everyone within a very affordable budget. Hesley HSB-1 Weighing Machine is a fantastic gadget that is marketed by one of the most prestigious brands, Hesley.

This is very easy to use and also can be moved from one place to another without any hassle. This product also has very long durability than any other simple analog body weighing scale, and altogether this proves worth for money. Besides body weighting, this product comes with several other features that are discussed below in detail.

Silent Features of Hesley Weighing Machine HSB-1

1) Functionality

Besides measuring body weight, it has other impressive features too. Its sleek surface & modern design is very easy for cleaning. Its scale is also auto-calibrated so that any individual just simply needs to stand on its tempered glass and can get his reading very swiftly.

This is fitted with the fifth generation 4 high precision G-type sensors and has heightened sense zero gravity technology altogether. These two highly advanced technologies ensure you the highest accuracy reading. It also comes with Anti slid padding. This can measure the maximum weight capacity of up to 180 kg.

2) Display

This fantastic product comes with LED Large Display, and that is in Red. The Red Backlight helps to read your weight even in a dimly lighted room. It shows the reading in 2 decimal point digits to provide you the best accuracy reading.

3) Structure

The Hesley advanced Step on Technology HSB-1 Weighing Machine is equipped with a very stylish, cool, and aesthetic design for you, for safety, and to abstain you and your family members from any accidents; its corners are made of blunt round design. This comes with a super-strong tough tempered glass over its surface.

4) Dimension

Its package area is 31 cm x 29.8 cm (Length * Breadth), and its thickness is 4 cm. And this scale’s net weight is 1 Kg 600 g. So, in other words, if you want you can always use the same to carry as well.

5) Warranty

It comes with three months of full brand warranty. The not covered in the warranty is ant wear & tear and or breakage to the weighing scale. And it’s covered in the warranty is any type of its sensory defect. It provides an off-site warranty type service. So, for better or worse, the product has got you covered.

6) Units

It is flexible with people all over the world as it shows it’s reading in Kg, Lb or Pounds, and St Units. So you have the versatility to choose just the right metric you want for weighing.

What Do We Like

  • It is equipped with 4 High precision fifth generation German technology sensors.
  • This is fitted with Zero sense gravity technology for providing the reading with the best accuracy.
  • It has Red Backlight LED Large display for the ease of taking the reading.
  • It has a Low Battery and Overcharged Indicator.
  • It can also measure the room Temperature.
  • It also comes with Auto Step On, Auto-Off, and Auto Zero technique.
  • This is equipped with toughened, strong tempered glass.
  • This shows two-digit precision reading.
  • This is fitted with anti-skid padding to keep its platform stable while taking the reading.
  • This comes with two 1.5 Volt AAA batteries, which are changeable.

What Do We Do Not Like

  • This comes with only three months warranty.
  • Doorstep warranty is not available as it is Off-site type.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Does this come with Nio Thermal LED Display?

Yes, it is fitted with the Nio Thermal LED Large Display. This, in turn, enables the user to actually have a clear vision of the display.

2) Which generation precision sensors it is equipped with?

It is equipped with the 5th generation German precision high technology sensors for the best accuracy reading.

3) Can I see the reading even in a dark room?

Yes, you can note the given reading very smoothly, even in a dimly lighted room. The Nio Thermal LED Large Display is just for the same as well.

4) Can it be used to measure luggage weights from home, like before going to the Airport?

Yes, it can take the reading up to 180 kg maximum. So, for convenience, you can always use it to measure luggage.

Final Verdict 

Nowadays, finding an ideal Weighing machine is quite tricky for us, as there are now many companies aggressively promoting their products to us with various price ranges. And all these are more than enough to confuse you. They trick our mind to finally ending up by buying any product which is unfit for you.

To avoid these hassles, let us first suggest that instead of judging any product by its price, you should compare the products by their reputation in the market and ratings of customers over their products.

You also need to enlist all your requirements or features that you want to be present in the products. Now you are ready for going to search for an ideal appliance for you. Now let us assure you that Hesley advanced Step on Technology HSB-1 Weighing Machine will be the best and perfect gadget for you if you are searching for a weighing scale for measuring the weight only, and that will also easily fits into your budget.

It gives you the reading with the highest accuracy. And all the products of Hesley have also achieved excellent ratings by all of its customers.

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