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Measuring Cups Vs. Kitchen Scale: Which One is Better?

Cooking is art with ample scientific logic explaining the facts of this art. Though several dishes can be made by permutation, combination, and experimentation, a basic recipe forms the dishes’ pillar. Thus, to obtain an exact recipe, the ingredients should be present in the correct amount, and in measuring the proper amount of element, a measuring tool is needed. Generally, there are two ways of weighing the ingredients.


One is by using measuring cups, and the other is by using kitchen weighing scales. Measuring cups are useful but outdated devices, whereas kitchen scales are advanced ones. In this blog, you will know the differences between measuring cups and kitchen scales, and thus, you can have an idea about the best among these two.

Comparison between Measuring Cups and Kitchen Scales

Differences Between Kitchen Scale and Measuring Cups

Professionals need not measure the ingredients they are using in making a dish. If you are inexperienced, then the measurement would be your must-do phenomenon, which can only be done by scales, not by using cups.

In the old days, people used bowls, cups, and spoons for measuring the ingredients, but, nowadays, various kitchen scales have emerged, making the work of the measurement faster than cups. Now, let’s have a look at the considerable differences among cups and scales.

Comparison 1: Accuracy

Several dry ingredients are used in cooking, like, flour, wheat. These dry ingredients are very challenging to measure in a cup. Instead, If the kitchen scale is used, then an accurate measurement can be obtained. Also, the kitchen scale container is big enough to hold more flour or any dry products.

Comparison 2: Time

People nowadays go through strict daily schedules. Many have to cook at a tremendously fast rate and also reach their office on time. Using Kitchen scales would save time, as no utensils need to be switched mid-way for each new ingredient.

So, even if you wake up late in the morning, usage of kitchen scales for cooking would help you save time for you to have breakfast and, at the same time, reach the office on time.

Comparison 3: Measurement Unit

Measuring cups work on volumetric measurement units, whereas; kitchen weighing devices measure by using weight. Most of the recipes of dishes require solid constituents, measurement by weight will be suitable.

Comparison 4: Stability

Different brands have various sizes measuring spoons and cups. There is no standardized size; hence, the obtained amount would not be consistent. But, in the case of a kitchen scale, the amount remains accurate and homogeneous. Therefore, it’s advised to use kitchen scales if you are looking for proper consistency.

Comparison 5: Affordability

High-grade, better quality measuring cups are built up of stainless steel, and hence, they are expensive enough. On the other hand, kitchen scales are found in every possible price range. The best quality kitchen scales are obtainable at self-effacing prices, along with long- term durability. But, at the same time, bear in mind, if you are running out of money, you can still get hands on some of the most affordable measuring scale. So, choose the one that works best for you and you are always good to go.

Comparison 6: Less Untidiness

The digital kitchen weighing machines can be calibrated to zero every time a component is added. Hence, no extra utensils are needed; one cup is enough. Therefore, no mess or untidiness is created. Also, the usage of fewer utensils would make cooking less time consuming, less messy.

Concluding Words

So, these are the most important reasons for choosing kitchen scales over measuring cups. But, there is no requirement of replacing an old measuring cup unless a kitchen scale with suitable property is found. Kitchen scales are used by pharmacists, chemists, and grocery shops too, and hence, these scales are reliable enough in getting correct measurements. Kitchen scales also help measure an item whose weight is not known earlier by any means.

Kitchen scales are very quickly operatable, and since they are technical devices, they are reliable enough. With the tap of a button, the metric weight of an ingredient or a portion of food can be measured. Nowadays, different kitchen scales are available in the market, with various price ranges and warranty period, and you can choose anyone for your home.

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