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NOVA BGS 1260 Ultra Weighing Scale Review

If you are the kind of person who is very conscious about your health and diets, then you should know that you must also need to keep tabs on your personal weights at regular time intervals. A fitness builder keeping records of his or her weight at a regular time interval is an essential step for his or her constant development. Even for an overweight person, monitoring their weight regularly is also a crucial part of their routine.

For these, all of us need a gadget that can give the reading the best accuracy. Digital electronic weighing machines are always better than those analog weighing machines because digital electronic weighing machines give better accuracy reading than those analog weighing machines. Analog weighing machines also cannot provide a good duty cycle because of its spring, which loses its efficiency from time to time.

Nova BGS: 1260 Ultra Lite Body Scale

Nova BGS -1260 Ultra Lite Electronic Digital Personal Body...

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NOVA BGS 1260 is a fantastic gadget that is brought to you by a very acclaimed and exalted brand known as Nova. The Nova Company is mostly famous for its product’s long durability and brilliant performances within a very affordable price range. If you are only looking for a weighing machine to measure the accurate weight within your budget, this would be an ideal electronic digital weighing machine.

This can also be used for measuring luggage weights from your home before taking a flight journey. We can assure you that Nova BGS 1260 Ultra Lite is the best weighing machine in the market within an affordable budget. It also has other several impressive features that are in detail discussed below:

Silent Features of NOVA BGS 1260 Ultra

1) Functionality 

Besides measuring your body weight, Nova BGS 1260 Ultra Lite can also be used to measure baggage weights at home. This weighing scale is ideal for measuring body weights by health-conscious men and women. Its maximum weight capacity is up to 180 kg, and the minimum weight capacity it can measure is up to 5 kg.

2) Display 

This figure comes with a bright and large LCD Display to see the reading in numbers easily. The area of the display panel is 34 mm * 75 mm. This device is equipped with 4 High Gauge Precision G Sensors, which ensures an accurate reading. It has 100 g graduation.

3) Structure 

The Nova BGS 1260 Ultra Lite Body Scale is made up of plastic. Its lightweight makes it an ideal device also to track your weight loss accurately. Its precision design and lightweight helps its portability very easy.

4) Dimension 

Its area is 32.5 cm * 30.5 cm ( Length * Breadth ) & its thickness is 33 mm by dimension. Its weight is 800 grams. In other words, the weighing scale is very portable which you can take anywhere in the world.

5) Warranty 

This product offers you a one-year full manufacturer brand warranty on it. So, you don’t have to worry about the weighing scale ever dying on you.

6) Units 

It can measure in three different units; these are: Kg, Lb, and St. This feature helps it to be compatible with people all over the world and fulfill their requirements. Neither less to say, such versatility is always appreciated and come handy at time of need.

What Do We Like 

  • It is equipped with four precision G sensors to give the best accuracy reading.
  • It is fitted with a Skid-proof design over its surface.
  • It has a 2 * AAA battery, which is rechargeable.
  • It also has a Low Battery Indicator.
  • This device is also equipped with an Error Indicator.
  • This is also provided Step On Sense Activation Technology
  • This also comes with an LCD Large display.
  • It can be easily used for slim and lightweight peoples.
  • It is also comfortable with overweight, heavy, or obese peoples.

What Do We Do Not Like

  • It is only can be used to measure weight.
  • It does not have Bluetooth connectivity.

Final Verdict

In the market, many companies are available there, who are aggressively advertising their products with various features, which are enough to confuse you and make you decide between buying such a product, which is of no use to you. You should not randomly search for any product because it will only confuse you and end up wasting your time.

First of all, we would suggest you not to get driven by the price of the products. At first, you should prioritize all your requirements. While searching, you also need to keep in mind the brands’ reputation and customer reviews.

Now let us assure you that NOVA BGS 1260 Ultra Lite Electronic Digital Personal Body Scale (Black) is still the best product available in the market. The well-esteemed NOVA Manufacturing Industries manufacture this fantastic gadget. This is given more than 4.5 ratings out of 5 by our customers.

This product of NOVA proves worth for money. And we are also very proud to say that we provide boosting customer helpline services for our customers. Once you get the product, you are always good to go.

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