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Omron HN 289 (Black) Automatic Personal Digital Weight Machine Review

Keeping records of our body weight is one of the most significant stuff to stay fit and lead a healthy life. And for an overweight person, it is crucial to monitor his/her weight at regular intervals, which can never be ignored.

Doing exercises and taking diet without tracking our weight is completely wasting of our time and energy. For any health professional or any health enthusiastic, weight monitoring at regular intervals is an essential practice.

In this process, Digital Weight Machines will prove very helpful. Digital electronic weighing machines became very popular, as they prove to measure weight with more accuracy than those old, outdated analog weighing machines. Digital electronic weighing machines also have more life span than analog ones, containing spring, which can quickly be lost their efficiency.

Omron HN 289 Smart Weighing Machine

Omron HN 289 (Black) Automatic Personal Digital Weight...

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This product is marketed by one of the most prestigious healthcare brands, Omron. Omron healthcare is famous for its outstanding healthcare appliances and their brilliant performance. This was the first company to bring digital and manual blood pressure monitoring instruments into the healthcare market.

Omron healthcare also offers many other innovative medical appliances that are suitable for both hospital and personal home uses like respiratory categories, thermometry, fitness diagnostics, and blood pressure tracking.

Omron HN 289 is still one of the best weighing machines available in the market within an affordable budget. Besides weighing, it also has many other impressive features that are discussed below in detail.

Silent Features of Omron HN 289


Besides measuring body weight, this unique product can also be used for measuring luggage weights & other materials with ease. This product is ideal for personal home uses for health-conscious women & men. It gives the best accuracy below 120 kg. And its capacity is 150 kg. Further including, Omron HN 289 offers one of the most comprehensive weight solution for the health conscious.


This device comes with a bright backlight & LCD large display. And the numbers appear in large sizes to read the recording without any difficulty. It is also equipped with four sensors that enable the weighing device and ensures you get the reading with higher accuracy.


By looks, this product disguised into a classy and trendy aesthetic look for you. This comes with a surface of a black stylish tempered glass. Its compact design and lightweight make its portability hassle-free.


Its area is 27cm * 29cm, and the thickness is 2.2 cm. Its weight is 1.2kg. The Omron HN 289 comes with a very compact design, offering a easy portability option.

Unit Conversion

This gadget measures your weight in kg, lb, or pounds and SI for you. And this helps it to be flexible with people’s requirements all over the world. So, no matter the standard you use, you can always get the right unit while measuring weights.


The manufacturer brand offers you a 1-year full warranty on the product. So, you can always use the product without ever having the thought of it ever dying on you.

Customer Support

Omron offers one of the best customers supports you can ever get your hands on. Their executives are always present, 24/7 around the clock. Get in touch with them and your query is bound to be answered.

  • Brilliant backlit and LCD large display.
  • Automatic OFF/ON technology.
  • Applicable for very lightweight and slim peoples.
  • Also comfortable with heavy, overweight, and obese peoples.
  • The reading is available in different units.
  • Step on activation technology.
  • It has 4 point sensors to give the reading with precisions.
  • It has an anti-slip surface.
  • It provides a long stand-by performance.
  • Not fit for those people who do lots of traveling.
  • It does not show BMI reading.
  • Visceral measurement function

Final Verdict

Every device has some unique features that make it exceptional, according to which its price is fixed. But you should not just go by the costs of the product, especially when it is a health appliance like a weighing machine.

You need to give your first priority to the requirements you need while buying any product. And we can assure you that this is the best digital electronic weighing machine in the market, which is ideal for gyms, personal home uses, etc. Once you get everything right, you are always good to go.

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