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Top 10 Pocket Weighing Scale and Buying Guide

Pocket weighing scales are always in sky-scraping demand due to its accuracy. People with avid hobbies and jewelers find this device extremely helpful for their needs. Measuring jewelry made of platinum, silver, gold, and other precious items can be measured seamlessly. With the passing of time, people appreciate its lightweight, portability, and accuracy. With its compact and easy to use features, it serves the purpose of doling out medicine for your loved one. 

This can make even counterpart the use of a kitchen weighing scale for measuring very precise or specific ingredients that will help to concoct your baking.

Top 10 Pocket Weighing Scale to Buy in 2021

Not all the pocket scales that are available in the market serve the purpose of measuring jewelers. We have ranked some of the best pocket weighing scales that are available for online purchase.

1) RTB High Accuracy Weighing Scale

RTB High Accuracy Weighing Scale

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RTB high accuracy digital pocket weighing deserves to be first on the list due to its high accuracy in weighing. It has the capacity to weigh 0.01 to 200g. Plus, the screen has five buttons for ON/OFF, PCS, UNIT, TARE, LIGHT functions. It is also used for weighing chemicals, gold, etc. as this type of delicate product. Due to its lightweight, it can be carried to your work easily.


  • High accuracy with perfect built
  • Easy to operate
  • Durable and easy to carry design


  • It only used to weigh up to 0.1 g of products

2) AWS Series Digital Pocket Scale

AWS Series Digital Pocket Scale

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This portable AWS Series digital pocket weighing scale is perfect for the on the go scaling. It can measure coffee beans, food, spices, and medications. The dimensions of these machines are 5″ x 3″ x 0.8″. This machine is easy to carry in a pocket and durable. This one can easily convert in ounces, grams, troy ounces, pennyweights. It contains a backlit screen, which makes it easy to read numbers. Its upper cover is very durable and protects your AWS digital scale from scratches, mini falls, and some bounces. The insider stainless-steel platform is easy to clean and non-junky. You can also add a bowl for weighing as well.


  • Durable designing
  • Readable backlist screen
  • Can measure coffee, food, spices, and medications on the go from 0.1 to 1000gm
  • Easy to carry away


  • Sometimes face problems inaccuracy

3) AccuWeight Pocket Digital Scale

AccuWeight Pocket Digital Scale

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AccuWeight mini pocket gram digital scale’s small design makes it portable and easy to carry away anywhere. With this, you can measure jewels, coins, food, powder, tablets anywhere you want with accuracy. For net weighing, the tare button is given to get a more precise number. It also can measure into g/oz/ozt/dwt/ct. Calibration functionality helps it to get the accuracy points. This is one purchase for lifetime use.


  • Lightweight product, easy to carry
  • Easy to use and read
  • Value for money
  • For lifetime use


  • May have accuracy problem after several uses

4) Oxcrap Digital Pocket Scale 

Oxcrap Digital Pocket Scale 

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Oxcrap digital pocket scale is an electronic device to measure up to 200gm with a 0.1gm division rate. This is made for heavy-duty tasks to measure gold, jewel, powder, etc. This item is crack resistance and very durable. The backlit LCD screen is easily readable in any light. It can measure objects up to 500g in 0.1g of incrementation. It contains 2AAA battery backups. It gives a little bit of inaccuracy in measuring due to the effect of the surrounded temperature.


  • Durable and compact design
  • 2AAA of battery backup
  • The backlit LCD screen gives readability quickly
  • Performs heavy-duty tasks


Lit bit variation due to surrounding temperature effects

5) Kevim Mini Digital Pocket Scale

Kevim Mini Digital Pocket Scale

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The design of the Kevim Mini digital pocket scale has a design like a notebook. Its upper case is made of durable material that protects it from scratches and some bounces. This is made of plastic and stainless steel materials. The size of it is measure in 12cm x 2cm x 8 cm dimensions. Two slots of battery are given, which can fit PCS 3V AAA battery, which is not included means we have to buy it additionally. It can scale from 0.1 to 200g of products.


  • Durable design
  • Has the capability to scale from 0.1g to 200g of products
  • Easy to carry small designs


  • A bit inaccuracy in measurements

6) Zhart Plastic Mini Weight Scale

Zhart Plastic Mini Weight Scale

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This super product from Zhart has been trusted by several people. It has a protective upper case that is made of durable material. This is also made of plastic and stainless steel materials. The upper layer works as a tray for measuring materials. The size of it is measured in 12cm x 2cm x 8 cm dimensions. Two slots of battery are given, which can fit PCS 2V AAA battery, which is not included means we have to buy it additionally. It can scale from 0.1g to 200g of products with ease.


  • Has the capacity of scaling up to 500 g
  • Notebook design model
  • 30-second auto-off feature after inactivity
  • Easy to carry away model


  • Due to operation temperature might vary inaccuracy

7) Glun Weighing Scale

Glun Weighing Scale

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The designing of this Glun digital pocket weighing scale is made of premium materials by the professionals. It can measure in gm/g/tl/oz/ct. It has special functionality of auto-calibration for getting net and accurate measurements. It can fit 2AAA batteries. Also, auto-off functionality in 30 seconds after the inactivity of the screen. It can vary the accuracy in 0.01g or 0.1g. It can scale up to 200 gm of product. Its buttons are made of rubber by touching it and can get a vibe like a calculator. This product is perfect for the measurements of gold, platinum, silver, etc.


  • Backlit display which gives better readability
  • It is made of premium materials
  • Power saving mode by 30 seconds of the auto-off feature after inactivity


  • Not that much durable upper case might break after a hit

8) Bulfyss Digital Pocket Scale

Bulfyss Digital Pocket Scale

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Bulfyss Digital Pocket Scale can scale up to 200g in the incrementation of 0.1g. The backlit LCD gives easy readability. It’s all buttons that are simple to operate and generate intuitive operations. Its flip-open lid protects its smooth, stainless-steel surface from the scratches. This device runs on 2AAA battery support.


  • Flip-open lid protects its weighing surfaces from scratches
  • Can scale up to 200gm of products
  • Gives intuitive operations with accuracy
  • Easy to carry


  • Lower quality display

9) Ionix Imported Pocket Scale

Ionix Imported Pocket Scale

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Ionix provides imported digital pocket scale electrical products with very minimum value. It has a maximum capacity of scaling 200gm of products in incrementation of 0.1gm. This is a heavy-duty machine with crack resistance upper body; in liquid, it can scale up to 12000 L of product. This machine doesn’t have any predefined warranty. This model is perfect for a small kitchen appliance range.


  • Heavy-duty machine
  • They are included in small kitchen appliances
  • Upper lid protects the inner screen from scratches


  •  It doesn’t come to switch any warranty

10) ATOM Digital Pocket Scale 

ATOM Digital Pocket Scale 

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Atom sells digital pocket auto-calibration features with a tare function button to get accurate net measurements. It can easily fit in the pocket and can be carried away. Auto-off feature for battery power-saving feature in just 30 seconds after inactivity. For the battery backup, the 2AAA battery is included. Its weight is 100g and made of full metal material. No warranty is included in this packet.


  • It is made of durable metal material
  • Auto-off feature
  • Fully tare functioned
  • Auto calibration


  • No warranty is included

Buying Guide for Top Pocket Weighing Scale

The market is packed with many duplicate factory products. The beginners may find it difficult to choose from the wide range of varieties. So, this buying guide will help you to get your desired pocket weighing machine.

  • Battery Backup

For pocket weighing scale, the most important feature is battery backup because we can carry this anywhere we want quickly. 2 AAA battery backup is perfect for any mobile weighing scale. Anyways, look for a pocket scale, that can provide you with better battery backup, if mobile is your primary concern.

  • Size and Weight

To carry away the weighing machine, its size and weight also play an essential role. Typically, pocket weighing scales 100g in weight. Make sure you are carrying around a typically lightweight machine.

  • Flip-Open Lid

To protect your pocket weighing device from falls, bounces, and scratches, the flip-open lid should be durable.

  • Tare Button

All types of weighing machines have tare buttons for measuring actual net products. It gives it auto-calibration of those measurements. That’s why the tare button must be required in any type of weighing scale.

  • The Capacity of Scaling

Usually, all pocket weighing scales have the minimum capacity of scaling 100g of products, and the maximum size of scaling is 500 to 1000g. So, you should look for the one that actually meets your scaling capacity.

Final verdict

These were some of the amazing pocket weight scale options that will serve the purpose of jewelers. Most of the available brands come with almost the same features. You must choose the one that has the best build quality and pocket friendly. Certainly, you can either take assistance from our buying guide or just pick the one within our list. The choice is yours, but once you get everything right, you are always good to go. 

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