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Reasons You Need to Know for Weighing Yourself Daily

The question of whether you should weigh yourself every day or not has been a controversy for a long time. There are plenty of people on both sides of this controversy. But with some valid reasoning, we can easily decide what is right for us.

Obesity is one of the dominant effects of our modern lifestyle. At the same time, obesity is the cause of many other diseases as well. In this scenario, lots of people are trying to lose weight while others are trying to prevent any further weight gain. Monitoring your weight on a daily basis is accepted as an effective technique to prevent regaining weight. In this journey, a weighing scale can be your best friend for life. Let’s see if we should weigh ourselves every day, or is it better not to.

Weighing Yourself

Top Reasons to Weigh Yourself Daily

  • Helps You Lose More Weight

Studies and researches have proved that daily weighing really works in more weight loss and lesser regain. The reason behind this theory is that people who weigh themselves as frequent as daily are more likely to adopt healthier lifestyle options. They tend to exercise more, control their faulty food habits, etc. The habit increases the sense of accountability that helps in keeping your spirit high. This is a self-monitoring strategy that helps in changing the behavioral follies with long-lasting effects. There are many scientific studies to support this statement.

  • Motivates You and Improves Self-Control

One of the most important factors of a weight loss plan is motivation. Motivation drives you to work hard to reach any goal. Daily weighing keeps you aware of your weight every day. This awareness motivates you to go the extra mile, to work a little harder for achieving the desired weight. Furthermore, this awareness also promotes your self-control as far as your eating habits are concerned. With increased motivation and self-control, losing weight becomes easy and enjoyable. All these can happen with the simple habit of weighing every day.

  • Helps You Keep the Weight Off

After going through a long and strenuous process of weight loss, the lost weight can come back anytime again. Daily weighing has been proved to be a great technique to prevent that from happening. With increasing age, the probability of gaining weight also increases. But we can definitely regulate that with the simple and easy habit of weighing. If we check on our weight every day, we can easily take early action before it escalates to an uncontrollable high.

  • Right Process to Weigh Yourself

Just owning a good quality weighing machine is not enough. There are certain rules that you might have to follow in order to get the best result. The key to self-weight is consistency. You need to be consistent about the time, using the same device, maintain the same process. Mornings are considered to be the best time to take the measurement as you have an empty stomach. During the day, our body-weight fluctuates due to many reasons. So, if you can make a habit of weighing yourself every morning, then nothing is like it. You should stick to one weighing device for your daily use as otherwise, the different results may confuse you. And finally, it is advisable to step on the scale wearing the same set of clothes so that you have a better idea of your own weight. Only these are the basics.

  • It’s Not as Bad as People Think

As we mentioned in the beginning, many people still believe that weighing yourself in this frequency might affect your mental health. We cannot discard this notion altogether. For some people, the number on their weighing scales may incur a sense of dissatisfaction regarding their bodies. This might expose them to the risk of developing various insecurities, ranging from low self-esteem, depression, to even eating disorders and other obsessions.

But most studies have repeatedly proved the result of self-weighing to be the opposite, especially as a part of a weight-loss program. This habit boosts your motivation, increases your body satisfaction, thereby increasing your confidence. Still, if you find this habit not working for you, then you should stop tormenting yourself and find another way that works for you.

  • Other Ways to Track Your Progress

The weighing machines can be deceiving at times. First of all, after you start exercising, it takes some time to show any results. Then your exercise plan may burn your fat and strengthen your muscles at the same time, which is a sign of positivity. But your weighing machine can show you something else instead. You might find that you have gained weight, which is not the case at all. Hence, other than relying completely on a single device, you should also track your progress following some other cues.

The most common way to measure the change in you other than weighing is taking pictures of yourself regularly so that you can see the change over time by comparing the before and after pictures. If you can measure the body fat percentage, then you will be able to point out the fat mass change. Another way is to take down your body measurements with the help of a measuring tape and then compare the previous measurements with the new ones. Because muscles have less volume than fat. So, there is a possibility that your circumference is decreasing keeping your weight the same. Lastly, the fit of your clothes can also be a great indicator of the changes if there is any.

Final Thoughts

Weighing yourself every day can do nothing single-handed unless you pair it with a good weight loss plan, including healthy food habits, enough exercise, plenty of water intake, and other healthy habits. Among the other equipment that helps in losing weight, a weighing machine is an important one. It can help you in many ways, as discussed above. It always reminds you throughout the day and helps you make the right choices to get the results more effectively. And in the end, let us remind you to have patience. Good things take time. Follow all these steps religiously to achieve your goal and always keep it under your control.

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