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Common 20 Reasons that Hampers Your Weight Loss Journey

Recent studies conducted by WHO in the year 2021 shows that nearly 2.8 million people lost their life overnight due to obesity. Those extra baggy structures hanging out of your body are becoming a major concern for almost half of the population.

Come on! Many of us have strived hard to bring our fat percentage down and flaunt in your favorite outfit. To achieve our purpose, we end up losing an arm and a leg in purchasing those costly gym or yoga membership. When your meals are on top, and you prioritize your health with an effective training program, you expect some visible results in the body. 

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Let’s be honest; in the first few weeks, it’s very common to show a drop on the weight scale by manipulating your food intake and exercise. But, after a few months of praising your sweat sessions, your body hits a plateau. It’s a general tendency of your body to hold up fats for energy storing purposes. But, it’s not strenuous if you are aware of the science behind it.

20 Reasons Hampering Your Weight Less Journey

Starting out with your weight loss program is as simple as it can ever get. The main question arises whether you have, what it takes to sustain your daily regiment. Let’s dive deep into understanding the twenty most common factors that are hampering your weight loss journey.

1) Losing Weight Without Realizing

If you have just started working out and want to see results within one month, then, hold on! It doesn’t take place overnight. It is very common to not see a visible result in the weight scale. This shouldn’t be your ultimate priority in the first month.

Beginners tend to lose fat and gain muscle at their initial stages of the fitness journey. Maybe your body weight doesn’t fluctuate that much but, inside your muscle mass is increasing. Majorly, it depends on the food intake and daily workout volume.

When you join a gym, your main aim should not just revolve around losing weight. Your weight depends on your muscle mass too; it’s very obvious that you grow muscle and lose fat without fluctuation in your weight scale. 

2) Not Keeping Track of Your Food

It’s always safe to take precautions rather than regretting later. If your main aim is to lose weight, then try measuring your food before hopping into it. Many of us binge on food without even realizing their caloric value. Many recent studies have proved that keeping track of your food helps in weight loss.

It is always advised to go for a calories calculator that is easily available online. Investing in a food weighing scale can be an appreciable idea where one can be very precise about their meals. 

Sometimes, tracking your food becomes tricky, and to avoid that, try consuming less amount in a repeated interval. Just by twerking with your portion size, you can realize a considerable change in your body ratio.

3) Eating Less but Choosing Unhealthy Foods

Consuming fewer calories than your maintenance calories and the right exercise routine can help in solving your problem. It is also possible to lose 10 percent of your body weight just by dieting alone with healthy food options. Start by consuming just 200 calories more than your required calorie.

Changing your food option is a prerequisite for gaining a healthy muscular body. One should focus more on quality rather than focusing on the quantity of food. 

Cut down all the parties or restaurant prepared foods that are loaded with extra oil and refined flour. Once you have made choices and adapted a healthier lifestyle, you are bound to lose weight. 

4) Not Consuming Enough Protein

Protein is considered a primary building block for the formation of muscle. Start by consuming an equal amount of protein that of your body weight. Later increase the protein intake by 25 to 30% of your maintenance calorie. It will drastically change the composition of your body and make you feel fuller for a longer duration. 

Your breakfast should be loaded up with protein. A high protein breakfast makes you less hungry throughout the day and lowers your carb cravings. A high protein meal will prevent the lowering of metabolism, which is the main side effect of losing weight.

5) Not Including Whole Food

Processed foods such as sugar and refined flours are an obstacle to losing weight. Consumption of these over-processed foods harms your health and destroys the healthy gut environment. While the consumption of whole foods can improve your well being and easily regulate your appetite, foods such as healthy nuts, seeds, fruits, and fiber-rich vegetables contain fewer calories and provide a much more filling sense. 

These types of diets show more promising results in the long run. 

6) Hopping too Much on Healthy Foods

You may have heard that sometimes too much of a good thing can be bad for you. It’s true, just swapping your restaurant food with home food won’t help. One should religiously follow the rule of “Fewer calories in and more calories out.” If you binge on too much animal fat, protein, and healthy fat in the name of healthy food then, that doesn’t mean you can eat twice the amount.

Green vegetables are a healthier option to include in your daily meals. It will eventually change your eating habit and reduce your appetite. Lastly, healthy foods, if consumed in small quality, can boost your weight loss speed.

7) Eating too Many Calories

Studies show that people binge on healthy foods and underestimate their caloric value. For a while, try weighing your food and tracking your calorie intake. Several helpful resources might help in managing your weight. 

Calorie calculator and calorie counters are the two most essentials for reaching your goals. These online calculators will help in tracking your food consumption, such as getting 30 % of your calorie from a protein source. Practicing these techniques will generate an idea about your meal size and nutrition value.

8) Not Performing Lifting Regularly

This may be a single important reason for not losing weight. The most effective way is practicing some form of weight training, and cardio exercises regularly. This habit will force your muscles to grow and lose fat at the same time. It is always advisable to learn proper exercise form and techniques from your gym trainer.

Not only your muscle development but training your muscles will also increase your metabolic rate. That will ensure you stay lean and muscular throughout your life.

9) Not Setting a Bigger Picture

Weight loss should never be taken as a short term goal. Before getting freaked out, try with some exciting diet options and take it as a long term goal. Losing weight in an unhealthy way can be very dangerous over the time frame; instead of that, try losing your weight slowly and healthily.

There might be ups and downs in your weight loss journey, but that must not be your concern in the long term game. 

10) Not Performing Intense cardio 

Before trying an intense cardio session, try to get a customized workout plan from your gym trainer. The role of quality over quantity also applies here. One should be very consistent with the intensity of their cardio rather than the duration of your workout.

Many people go for a walking session; they have to walk several miles to achieve their goals. Instead of that, try other exciting activities such as running, cycling, swimming, or Cross Fit sessions. Recently, researches have proved that including an empty stomach cardio session in your daily routine can help in maximizing the weight loss speed. 

11) Not Taking Proper Rest

Working out tirelessly without proper rest, that’s a big no situation. Not taking proper sleep and playing with your circadian rhythm can even lead you to weight gain. It is also advised not to switch the time and follow a sleeping pattern throughout your life. 

It has also been proved in a recent study with two groups of people with different sleeping time and patterns. The group with consistent time was more successful in the weight loss struggle. Also, try getting a comfortable eight hours of sound sleep for faster recovery and effective weight loss results.

12) Consumption of Liquid Calories

Consumption of soda and coke has been referred to with drinking liquid calories. Including even one soda can in your diet can mess it up with our weight loss journey. Soda is nothing but carbonated water filled with sugar and harmful chemicals. The liquid takes less space and doesn’t even give a filling effect. So. Having a can of soda will just give you tons of extra calories and produce an urge drive that will promote weight gain. 

If you feel hungry, grab a cookie, or a portion of solid food is considered a far healthier option than having soda.

13) Regular Desk Job

Having a sedentary lifestyle will hamper your struggle of weight loss. Mostly, people, after waking up, go for a desk job then come home and sleep. Weight loss won’t happen if you are not giving proper time for your workout and managing your meals. One should always practice walking or some activities that keep them moving. By incorporating those small changes in your life, you can easily observe some changes.

14) Not keeping Your Body Hydrated

Keeping your body hydrated through the day can help in your weight loss journey. It is real and has been backed by a study. In the academy of nutrition and dietetics, several reports were shown that prove the role of water in weight loss. A healthy adult should consume at least 4 to 5 glasses of water in a day. Drinking water has also been linked with burning calories. 

15) Not cutting Excess Carbohydrate from Diet

If the body has a general tendency to hold up fats, then you must try different diet programs. One should try a low carb diet to challenge those stubborn fats. For faster weight loss, low carbohydrate diets are recommended by several dietitians throughout the world.

If practiced religiously, they show 2 to 3 times faster results in weight loss. 

A low carb diet can also cut down metabolic problems like type 2 diabetes. By increasing the production of good HDL cholesterol, managing triglyceride levels, and blood sugar level, a low carb diet does a wonderful job.

16) Starving Yourself for too Long

Dieting is a good idea for keeping your weight in check, but practicing for too long can be dangerous for our body. With time, our body hits a plateau and takes a lot of hustle to break that. Practicing your workout daily and checking your calories can help in your process of losing weight.

There may be another way of breaking the plateau. For one or two months, try keeping your fat percentage the same and work on gaining muscle and getting stronger. That will further boost your metabolism and help in starting your journey again.

17) Setting up Unrealistic Goals

The weight loss journey is a slow process. Many people confuse it with a fast process and lose their patience before achieving their final goal. The major problem with peoples’ perception is that setting up unrealistic goals for themselves. All of them are fascinated with the enhanced photos of fitness models and bodybuilders. 

The real truth behind their success is their dedication and passion for their body. It requires nearly 5 to 6 years for some bodybuilder to achieve their dream body. 

18) Drinking too Much Alcohol

Try not to be a killjoy, but your weekly parties and drinking habits may interfere with your goal. It is also one of the empty calories as soda and coke. Alcohol is considered to be a direct connection with your weight loss. People typically consume more foods after drinking. That time, they stop focusing more and diets and their calorie consumption.

19) Having a Medical Condition

Having a serious medical condition can hamper your journey of weight loss. These medical conditions, like hypothyroidism, POS, diabetes, and blood sugar, manipulate your hormone levels. These conditions make the process even harder. It also includes some severe injuries that don’t allow the mobility of the patient and contribute to their weight gain.

20) Dealing With Stress or Depression

Sometimes, people may get hurt by certain traumas in their life and suddenly gain a lot of weight. This may include deaths or divorce of their relatives or in their own family. People facing the issue of depression and anxiety can’t focus on their goals and end up eating more in the long run. 

In these conditions, it is advised to visit a doctor and try several activities that calm their mind. Practicing holistic meditation can be a great relaxation of our body. 

Final verdict

Losing weight depends on several factors, such as age, height, weight, and gender. Men generally tend to lose weight faster as compared to women. It is always advised to go with other measuring techniques rather than just BMI calculations. For example, you can start by measuring the circumference of your waist and bring out your body fat percentage once in a month. If you are losing very few pounds per week then, relax you are on the right track. So, there might be a ton of reasons for not losing weight. If you are facing such an issue, try consulting a doctor or a therapist to get your dream body healthily.

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