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Top 10 Weighing Scale Company in India

Are you wondering about which weighing machine to rely on? Sit back as we are here with the solutions to all your queries. Keeping a tab on your body weight becomes extremely relevant in today’s world. Ditching all those undue physical pain of visiting health chambers to know the current weight and having a weight scale becomes mandatory. The presence of a good quality weighing scale will help in having a real-time analysis with the comfort of your home. 

Apart from measuring weight, it can assist you in tracking your body fat, water weight, muscle mass, and bone weight. All the new-age weight scales are equipped with apps that can show all the essential data on your phone. 

Top 10 Weighing Scale Company in India to Buy in 2021

So, without wasting much time, let’s hop into the best weight scale companies in India and their specifications.

1) Dr. Trust Smart Weight Machine

Dr. Trust Smart Weight Machine

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Dr. Trust is mainly a US brand that promises to severely improve and improve quality health machinery. With its amazing features and specification, this product has made the first place on this list. This rechargeable fitness device is Bluetooth enabled and helps in tracking the exact weight of the individual. This can track 20 essential body metrics like muscle mass, water weight, visceral fat, bone density, and several other readings.

For charging, they have added a USB port. 


  • Large LCD screen
  • Can measure up to 180kg
  • Automatic turn on and off facility
  • Shows accurate weight


  • The problem in calibration for the first few uses

2) Health Sense Scan-Pro BF 

Health Sense Scan-Pro BF 

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This elegant looking body weight scale from Health Sense has gained a lot of fame in many households. It works purely on the bioelectric impedance and provides accurate reading to the user. With its highly accurate spencers, it provides nine body metrics like body fat, water weight, muscle mass, and bone weight. Its wide LCD shows all the information. It can easily be set within a span of 30 seconds. 

Due to its elegant and sleek design, it can fit into any place. The brushed stainless steel platform makes it easy to maintain and clean. It can effectively hold information of 10 users.


  • Easy to use and sleek design
  • Comes with one year of warranty
  • Provides accurate reading


  • May face issues while calibrating

3) Jimwey Jicson J113 Analyser 

Jimwey Jicson J113 Analyser 

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This is a multi-functioning body weighing scale that offers an elegant look. With its four sensitive steel electrodes, it can measure all the main 13 body compositions. The platform has an easy step in the measurement system and has an anti-skid facility. It can easily get connected to any of the fitness devices. Pairing it with any android and ios is very easy. The company provides an app to all its users that shows all the details about their bodies. The pack contains all other instruments and a user manual for easy use.


  • Compatible with all devices
  • FCC and FDA certified product
  • Has auto turn off and on feature
  • Stores data in the cloud


  • Shows unrealistic value for first few uses

4) Healthgenie Electronic Weighing Machine 

Healthgenie Electronic Weighing Machine 

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This is a digital weighing bathroom scale that has an elegant design. The upper platform is made of high-quality tempered glass that ideally balances your body weight. The great build of the device provides durability and sturdiness. The weight machine has a smooth and rounded design that prevents the user from getting injured. It has the least count of 50g that makes it highly accurate. The Built-in room temperature can record and show it on the screen. The efficient battery saving mode helps in storing the battery level. It comes with a non-slip technology that ensures the correct balance of the user. It is equipped with ERR technology that indicates if the device exceeds the limit of 180 kg. It can effectively run on 1.5V AAA batteries.


  • Step on measuring technology
  • Effective g sensors
  • Comes with prominent features


  • Gives wrong reading on an uneven surface

5) Hesley Weighing Scale 

Hesley Weighing Scale 

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This beast comes with an advanced step-on feature and gives an accurate reading to its users. The platform is way smaller than other ordinary scales and has a stylish, sleek design. Its scale has a 300 x 250 mm design that fits perfectly for modern homes. The platform is made with tough glass that provides safety and durability to this device. One can easily observe their weight with the help of the wide LCD screen. They have packed 5th generation USA technology-based sensors in this device. 


  • Effective and easy to use technology
  • Can measure up to 180 kg
  • Comes with batteries


  • Difficult while calibrating for the first time

6) Omron HN 286 Weight Scale 

Omron HN 286 Weight Scale

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This is an ultra-thin personal automatic scale that provides weight in digital format. The automatic on and off technology is the main plus point of this device. Just by stepping on the platform, the machine shows the result instantly. The sleek and trendy design has a large LCD panel that comes with advanced silver coating. The well lit illuminated screen with black font can be easily read. They also provide a battery contact plastic strap with their box. They have excellent customer care support and provide a brand warranty of 1 year. 


  • Step on technology
  • Prominent g sensors
  • Precision is closest to 100 gram


  • Battery issue after several uses

7) Hoffen HO-18 Fitness Weighing Scale 

Hoffen HO-18 Fitness Weighing Scale 

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It is also a great product from this company and comes with all the latest features. It can accurately track your weight within no time. They have incorporated extremely precise sensors that will display the exact weight of the user. A strong bearing platform has been installed on this device. The slim design makes it extremely comfortable in storage and maintenance. It comes with an overload indicator in case someone exceeds the limit. This can measure up to a limit of 180 kg. Lastly, it comes with a warranty for safe use.


  • Auto turn off 
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Can be stored anywhere


  • May face problem while calibrating

8) HNESS Electronic Weighing Scale

HNESS Electronic Weighing Scale

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This elegant device has the capability of measuring weight in both Kg and lbs. The high precise sensors in this device show the accurate weight of the user. The Company claims it provides an unbreakable and thick glass top. The smart scale has a feature of an auto turn on and off feature. The design and build of the scale ensure its long-lasting and powerful performance of the device. Its large LCD serves the purpose of easy and convenient reading.


  • Accurate Strain gauge sensors
  • Messing capacity up to 180 kg
  • Has Auto turn off 


  • Wrong reading when placed in an uneven base

9) PowerMax FitnessWeight Machine 

PowerMax FitnessWeight Machine 

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The elegant white color is the main beauty of this product that comes at an affordable price point. Compared to the analog scales, this device gives accurate measurements. The sleek design and rounded corner make it a perfect option for personal home use. The platform is larger that comes with a durable 6 mm tempered glass. The body is made with High-quality ABS plastic that has a max capacity of 180 kg.


  • Great built quality
  • Easy to use
  • Comes with user manual and warranty


  • White color may get dirty after several uses

10) MCP Deluxe Weighing Scale 

MCP Deluxe Weighing Scale 

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This is the highest-selling analogue weighing scale that is preferred by several medical chambers. It is mainly a personal fitness machine that is mainly known for its durable construction. Being durable, it gives a clear view of your weight. The end corners of this device have rubber sections that provide stability and save the user from slipping.


  • It comes with adjustable knobs
  • Have slip resistance feature
  • Large display


  • Can’t measure body fat

Buying Guide for the Best Weighing Scale 

A lot of us may struggle while finding the best weight scale, as the market is flooded with numerous weighing machines. Here are a few points that must be considered while buying the best body scale for you.

  • Type of machine

Mainly two types of weighing machines are available that are analogue and digital machines. Analog machines don’t offer many facilities where digital machines show all minute reading of your body.

  • Weighing capacity

You must select a weighing machine that has a large variation. Mostly, they come in a range of 13 to 180 kg. Still, it depends on the individual about their preference. Neither less to say, if you have custom requirement, you can also find the same within our lot.

  • Shape

Almost all the new age weighing machines come with compact shapes. The advantage of having a compact shape relies on the ability of storage. 

  • Features

If you just want to go for the body weight, you may consider buying analogue scales. But, for other features like fat, muscle mass, and bone mass, you are advised to go with digital weighing scales.

Final verdict

Every digital scale has almost the same features of measuring weight along with other body measurements. It mainly depends on the individual about their use. All the above-mentioned devices are some of the best-selling devices, and you easily grab them through online purchase. Once you get everything right, you are always good to go.

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