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Types of Weighing Scales That You Can Buy in India

Weighing scales are overlooked by people but they help to do some of the important tasks around the world. Not only measuring the body weight, but they are also used for precision measuring of chemical compounds, food products, shipping materials, and more. You may have seen and used analog or digital weighing scales. But there are many types of weighing scales available to buy. Yes, each weighing scales are used to measure the weight but they vary in how and for what they work. You can also buy these different weighing scales from the market. In this post, let us see the different types of weighing scales available to buy in detail.

Types of Weighing scale Available in India

1) Digital Weighing Scale

Digital weighing scales are the common type of weighing device mainly used to check body weight. They have an LCD screen to show the reading which makes it easy for the users to measure their weight. The important advantage of using the digital scale is that they offer reading up to one decimal place. It is a digital machine so it has a digital circuit to check the weight. The digital circuit is composed of a load cell to measure the weight. The load cell is nothing but four-strain gauges arranged in a wheat stone bridge format. These gauges change their resistance to the application of the external strain. This output is then amplified and then filtered using the amplifier and digital filter respectively. This output is fed to an analog to digital converter so the user can easily read the weight on the digital display.

The digital weighing scales are preferred because it offers more features such as auto-calibration, auto shut down, and memory function. So they are becoming popular and replacing the traditional analog weighing scales.

Advantages of digital weighing scales

  • Ease of use – These weighing scales turn on and shut down automatically. They also have a digital screen to clearly show the reading and other values.
  • High accuracy – They are highly accurate with high precision. They are also durable as they are less prone to failure and other malfunctions.
  • Reliable – You can trust the weight accuracy with the digital weighing scales as they are calibrated automatically every time you turn on.
  • Additional features – Premium digital weighing scale comes with more features such as BMR, fat, and other readings. Some digital scales also has the feature to automatically sync up with your smartphone.


  • Needs Battery – This could be the main disadvantage with the digital weighing scales are they need a battery to operate. If the battery runs out and if you don’t have a spare, then you cannot use it.
  • High-price – This is obvious. The digital weighing scales are high-priced than the traditional analog scales as they are loaded with features.

Types of digital weighing scales

There are various types of digital weighing scales available in the market made for various purposes. These scales vary in size, type, and price but they all are highly accurate. These different kinds of measuring tools make our lives easier and convenient. Let us see the different types of digital weighing scales available in the market.

Medical Weighing scales

These scales are used in the hospital to weigh patients. They have a huge platform to hold normal patients and patients in wheelchairs. They can measure up to 500 pounds plus and has a larger display. Like other digital weighing scales, medical weighing scales have high accuracy.

Baby Weighing scales

As the name mentions, these scales are designed to measure the weight of a baby. This scale is designed in such a way to hold a baby to get the most accurate reading. They are also found in physician’s offices to measure baby weights.

Postal Weighing scales

They are used in the postal offices and other shipping offices to measure the weight of different items. They come in both small and large sizes. The small one is used to measure the weight of the envelopes and letters while the large one is used to measure the weight of packages. They are highly-efficient and easy to use.

Kitchen weighing scales

They are used to weigh food and other items in the kitchen and hotels for cooking purposes. They are comparatively smaller and used to weigh all types of foods for cooking. The kitchen weighing scale gives you high-accuracy in measuring small quantities of foods.

Bathroom digital scales

They are the common type of digital weighing scale found in households. They are used to weigh a person on a regular basis. The bathroom digital scale provides you instant results with high accuracy. According to the features, these scales vary on the price and size.

Luggage weighing scales

They are larger in size and used in places like airport and railways to measure a large number of materials

Analog Weighing scale

The Analog weighing scale is the traditional one but still being used today. These scales were present at almost every home and hospitals just a few years back. But due to the advent of the digital scales, the analog weighing scales are now slowly replaced. The analog weighing scale consists of a small spring assembly setup which can be adjusted. When you stand on this scale, you exert force on the bars present on the weighing scale. This bar is arranged in the cross-section manner and is connected to the spring setup. The spring then moves the dial on the scale which is proportional to the weight of the person standing on the scale. This is a simple setup compared to the digital one but they are reliable too.

Advantages of using Analog weighing scale

  • No batteries required – unlike the digital scales, the analog ones don’t require a battery to operate. So you can use this scale as long as it doesn’t break.
  • Less-price – Because of the simple setup, the analog scales are relatively less priced than the digital ones.
  • Easy and simple to use –  You get an easy reding with the analog ones as you do not have to alter any setting or turn on any switches. It also gives you an easy way to check your weight as the pointer will directly point towards the big number on the display.


  • Less accurate – They are less accurate in reading than the digital ones. The digital weighing scale has an accuracy of up to one decimal place which is not possible with the analog ones. But that level of accuracy is not important if you are just weighing your body.
  • Fewer features – It doesn’t have many bells and whistles present with the digital weighing scale. It doesn’t have an auto-calibration feature so you have to manually adjust it. The analog weighing scale just shows the reading only.
  • Reliability – As you use the analog weighing scale, the spring becomes loose so there will be a degree of error. It is a big disadvantage with the analog weighing scale.

Smart Weighing scale

These scales are the newer ones and offer many features when compared even to the digital scales. The smart weighing scale can measure your BMI, body fat, body hydration, bone mass, and many other metrics of your body. They also come with support for mobile phone so you can get your readings directly on your mobile. The smart weighing scale is popular among people who exercise regularly and are on a strict diet. It helps them to keep track of their body during their routine exercise. There are multiple sensors present on this scale that send electrical signals when you stand on it. It then measures the speed of the signals traveling through your body, the resistance, and some other factors to get the desired data. This data is then applied to algorithms to derive the metrics of your body.

If you work out regularly, then it not sufficient to only know about your body weight so you can use this smart weighing scale to measure different metrics. So it is necessary to have this product in every modern homes, hospital, and gyms.

Advantages of using a Smart weighing scale

  • In-built memory – The smart weighing scale has an in-built memory to keep track of your body metrics. With this, you don’t have to keep a record separately.
  • Easy to use – The LCD screen present on this display makes it easy for you to see your different body metrics. It is also compact so you can keep it anywhere without much hassle.
  • Connectivity – It comes with an option to connect to your smartphone over WiFi or Bluetooth. Some smart scale also has an app to track your reading with your smartphone.
  • Accuracy – The smart weighing scale gives you high accuracy in reading. It is built with Bio-electrical Impedance Analysis so you get an accurate result.


  • High-price – Because of all the sensors and features present with this smart weighing scale, the price is obviously higher than digital or analog scales.
  • Batteries required – It requires batteries to operate so if you are out of batteries then you cannot use it.


There are different weighing scales available in the market with each having its own advantages and disadvantages. If you are in the market to buy one we hope our post helps you buy the correct type of weighing scale that is right for you.

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